Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thinking about Easter...

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I'm starting to think about getting ready for Easter! It seems pretty far away as today its snowing and blowing out once again. But Palm Sunday is this Sunday so I feel I can start thinking about pretty eggs!

I was hoping to make those little tissue carrots for the kids if I get crafty enough, which is looking kinda doubtful since this morning I could barely make them porridge. The said porridge went over so well this morning that my three year old proclaimed it to be "Not cool, Mama!" We're also going to set up an egg hunt for the kids for the first time this year, they might be a little young, fights may ensue.

This is my favourite Easter table from Martha, tulips and baskets and so fun and the colour is wonderful! One day I will have to have a beautiful brunch and have a civilized Easter day with cloth napkins and less chocolate smears and sticky marshmallow hands. Actually that doesn't sound too fun, maybe I'll just have to make my perfect tulip table for kids full of chocolate and with seven layers of stick on their little faces. Life's too short to not indulge in some marshmallow peeps before 9 am! 

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