Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Man Who Loved Books Too Much

Since I was lying on the couch the last week or so wallowing in my own sickness I got a bit of reading done! The Man Who Loved Books Too Much caught my eye when it promised an intriguing look into the world of rare book collectors and thieves! The idea of such rare and old books surviving and being sold for thousands of dollars seems so exciting. The book tells of how books become more valuable than others, how the wealthy are willing to pay hundreds of thousands to add to their collections, and also how someone is willing to ignore all moral inclinations to amass his own collection of valuable books. It also looks at the small booksellers who operate their businesses for love of books but fall victim to theft and often face a difficult and almost impossible road to bringing those responsible to justice. Although I share the great love of books that these collectors are described as having, I most definitely would only be willing to spend money towards authors I loved and not just those trendily popular or rare. But since I don't have a giant pile of monopoly money to spend I guess its not really an issue! I enjoyed this book for telling an interesting story of crime for the love of books, and now when I'm book shopping on ebay and see outrageous prices I'll wonder if someone is trying to rip someone off or make a profit from stolen goods!

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