Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What's getting me through the long days of February

What's saving my life right now is just...pretty dramatic for me.

But at the same time hyperbole is pretty popular these days.

Let's just say these are good things in February that I like. Which sounds so much less dramatic. And let me tell you I still really need these things because it's been -20 with a windchill of -34 all week! I'm not including Netflix on this list, but it's doing it's fair share around here too.


February needs fresh flowers. I have a hard time saying no to tulips when they're at Costco. They're just so pretty they trick you into thinking it's almost spring. Or they trick me. Either way!

This Milk Frother

I guess it's official I'm a coffee snob. I got this milk frother for Christmas and it's magical. It perfectly froths and steams your milk in a minute or two at the push of the button. It creates velvety foam and makes normal coffee taste like a cappuccino. It feels a bit frivolous to own, but then you use it and it makes the world make sense.


Do I feel obvious for putting this on the list? Yes. But at the same time I'm gonna put it on my list because I'm a BA.
Specifically I can't stop drinking Spanish wine. I go to the fanciest liquor store I can find because shopping for alcohol is almost my favourite thing to shop for. This fancy liquor store has aisle upon glorious aisle of wines from every corner of the world. They have samples of all the wine that's on special and let me tell you who is an easy sell when it comes to selling wine?? This girl! I love the samples, I will always buy a bottle of the sample. Bam! And although I buy wine that tastes good and is on sale from any part of the world, I keep buying Spanish wines. They're delicious. Go buy some.

Wool socks

Once upon a time in my youth I thought wool socks were lame and I couldn't understand why people would want to make their feet sweaty and itchy. But then I bought real wool socks and the comfort and warmth is basically the greatest thing ever. Old lady fo life!


I am not a big buyer of make up. Even though I wish I were. I just buy basics but I continue to try and buy quality make up because it really makes a difference, lasts way longer, and is amazing. Sephora has free shipping over $50 (and if you can spend LESS than $50 at Sephora I'll eat my hat) so I can shop online to my hearts content! I keep a running tally of stuff I will need in the future, things recommend by Kate from The Small Things, and whenever I get an email saying they've got an awesome extra sample deal I grab myself a little something. It's a treat, and it comes in the mail. Two awesome things to keep you going in February. But go for the extra sample deals, the extra samples are the best part!

Those are the things off the top of my head that help a February. But it's only February 8 so...??? I hope I make it, I hope you make it.

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  1. I especially like Rioja wines - a red Spanish wine. I have tried several and don't think you can go wrong!

  2. Girrrl I hear you on the wine and wool socks! We love Tempranillo at our house. :o)

  3. As someone who suffers from a mild case of SAD every Jan and Feb... despite living in a rather temperate climate.. Hats off to all Canadians! Seriously. I don't know how you do it!


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