Friday, February 3, 2017

Seven Quick Takes vol. 154 - I'm Back!

I'm back! Kelly probably didn't notice I was gone for two months, but I can't quit the takes!!


I love quick takes! I think it's the extremely old timer blog reader in me that loves to read the random and ordinary bits of people's day and I will forever be loyal to the 7QT format. Part of me writing and posting more has to include the little, the ordinary, the very non-click-bait worthy. I have to fight the idea that in order to write anything I've got to have a fantastic idea that's been thought out for weeks and perfectly edited. Because it never happens. Not right now anyway. And I make no money from blogging so I have to stop thinking about each and every post as appealing to the completely imaginary masses. But all that being said, I do value you as a reader. I can't believe you still read this corner of the internet but I'm so glad you do! I trust you that if things are too boring you'll skip a post and come back next time, because you're really the best.


We have a very ordinary week around here. We got through school work at an appropriate pace, even learned some times tables - which better be memorized by now or I'm going to eat my hat - and had an alright week for weather. An "alright" week of weather means I can bundle the kids up to play outside for half an hour but I'm not going out unless I have to! It was windy most days and around -10 for the most part. No skating or ice fishing since last weekend in other words.


A funny, sweet thing that happened this week is Dom wanting to watch the entirety of Hamlet with me. He's been really into Shakespeare this year (we memorize some passages from a couple plays, then read overview/kid versions of a couple plays per semester). So when he discovered a copy of Kenneth Branagh's Hamelt at my mom's he asked to watch it but I thought it would be about 15 minutes before he found the language too complicated and the whole movie a bit boring. But we're still watching it! He kept telling me what was going to happen next, and it's pretty hilarious. We're watching about half an hour a day, and I'm fast forwarding any "mature" scenes. We're cultured.


It's February! Before we all dump on February, I'm going to give myself a pat on the back for making it relatively unscathed through January! I don't know what the difference was exactly but it seemed that January went by fairly painlessly in comparison to past years. I just want to keep this magical positivity moving through February!


What have you been watching?

Of course I've been watching Victoria and it's been good. I don't love it as much as The Crown because I have a deep, abiding love for The Crown that probably isn't completely healthy. But British costumes dramas are kinda my kryptonite! 

I also watched Shetland on Netflix which I really enjoyed although I really liked the first season and was kinda left cold with the second. I just wish mystery/detective shows were happy solving small town crimes. Why does it always have to graduate to elaborate, mob-connected, serial killers? Why can't it simply remain ordinary people committing crimes in small towns?

Oh, wait. Because that's really challenging to write!


I've read a lot of stuff on immigration and refugees this past long week and have uncovered some interesting stuff. I don't think hysteria from any side helps anyone and found that this article was a really great compendium on facts from a person who knows how the system works which seems next to impossible to find in major media outlets these days. I'm just passing it on because I found it a nice source of facts, even though I feel like I'm going to make myself stop sharing anything political because I want to be part of the solution not the problem. Or some such catch phrase. 


I'm going out to the opera tomorrow night and I'm so excited!! I'm getting dressed up and I'm going to drink cocktails and have a glorious night out.

Then on Sunday I'm going to cheer with every fibre of my being for my new favourite team the Atlanta Falcons. I just want the Patriots to never win a game again. Until I'm dead. Is that so much to ask?? 

I know, I'm crazy. Go Falcons and Happy Weekend!

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  1. SO glad you're blogging again! And I hear you about January...I'll blame it on the new baby, but January just blew by for me! Winter seems pretty painless so far this year.

  2. I'm with you re: Patriots. Thanks for sharing the First Things piece. Very informative and it didn't make my blood boil!

  3. Christy, seeing your posts in my Feedly this week make me so happy! Yay for 7QT! :o) I really appreciated the First Things piece, thank you for sharing it.

  4. YES- go Falcons! I cannot handle *another* Super Bowl with the Patriots- please just stop. And I'm liking Victoria too and LOVED The Crown- so well-done! Longmire is a good rural area crime show on Netflix...but the season we're on just entered mob territory, so.

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  6. Rise Up! I always root against the Patriots, and now I have a reason with our hometown Falcons in the game. - nancyo

  7. If your kid is excited about Shakespeare, you know you did something right as a parent.


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