Friday, October 21, 2016

Seven Quick Takes vol 151

Saying hi to Kelly and the rest of the great quick takers!


Well, I'm alive and temperatures are above freezing so things are looking up! I don't know how October has sucked me up but it really has. I know it's annoying to blame the weather, but I'm blaming the weather. We had over two weeks of gray, cold, snowy, rainy, cold, windy weather. The two separate snowstorms that brought first 4 inches, then over 6 inches of snow a week apart in early October just really took the wind of my sails. It seems so demoralizing to wake up to winter in mid October, to have to dress everyone for snow and cold with boots and mittens, to feel trapped in my house with my kids for the next six months. It's just a tough adjustment. At least the snow has melted a lot, although still fully covers the ground at my house, and the forecast doesn't look too dismal for the next week or so. Maybe I'll pull myself out of this before winter really settles in for the long haul!


I'm knee deep in the seasonal clothes turnover around here. I spent an hour the other day going through the thousands of shoes we have. I mean, it's not thousands obviously, but man, we have a lot of shoes. We have a whole closet devoted to children's jackets and coats. And I don't buy 5 new everything every season, but handmedowns x seasons equals so much clothing for so little a house! I was thinking about it at my kids each have at least three different types of coats depending on the weather, snow boots, rain boots, running shoes, church shoes, and usually crocs or sandals for the summer. I don't even go to crazy and buy the girl's more fashionable choices but look how fast that adds up! 
The funny thing is by the time I get all the clothes organized I'll still have kids refusing to take off their shorts in the snow. Kids cling to seasons harder than I do! 


But not quite true...most of the kids have thought it a thrill there's snow on the ground and Nora insists Christmas is only a few sleeps away! Max has been out late playing in the snow peacefully which has been a complete departure for him as of late. 
See, I'm trying to find the positive in all this...I really am!


I am so tired of hearing about the election and knowing it exists. And I'm Canadian. I read one thing after another about either candidate and vacillate and wonder how the other could be worse, and yet the answer is, THEY ARE WORSE! I feel personally that what I believe is so unrepresented in politics in my country that I've gotten used to it. Not that I don't still believe in the importance of politics and government, it's just I'm so very used to being discouraged and living with incompetent, corrupt, or just morally blind politicians in power. I just can't even picture what things will be like in January, although if we were really honest, we shouldn't be surprise when things turn out to be exactly the same as they are now.


I'm picking up my yarn and crochet! It feels like such a seasonal hobby for me I just can't separate it from long dark nights and snowy days. I have no desire to work with yarn in good weather. I clearly have a way to go to yarn addict/granny status. I've just started another blanket which doesn't require a lot of brain energy but feels so comforting when inside on dark evenings.


New episode of the podcast was out this week talking about my favourite book of the summer - The Awakening of Miss Prim! I found this to be such a delight to read, while at the same time being surprised with how it wove such interesting ideas of faith into the story. You know we love our book episodes, but we hope you do too!


I am so looking forward to next week when my husband and I are able to get away for a quick getaway by ourselves! Uninterrupted sleep, drinking hot coffee, eating at great restaurants. That's the dream! I really love how I could have a good time going anywhere with him. And that sounds incredibly sappy. It's a really great time for me to reset hopefully, and I plan on going to confession this weekend which I've felt like I've so badly needed lately. Needed resetting on all levels is what I'm aiming for! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Can't believe you already have snow! It's just around the corner for us, too.

    I read Miss Prim specifically because you and Haley recommended it. The podcast was everything I hoped it would be. :)

  2. That first picture is seriously gorgeous. Though it totally makes me think of Christmas and it's....October. I want to read Miss Prim; I keep hearing recommendations for it-- and then I will most certainly listen to that podcast!

  3. The snow! I live in Texas and it's just become livable here. It was finally around 70 today and we had a hike. It's hard to believe it can be so different. I wore pants yesterday and it was a revelation in fall.

  4. I cannot even imagine not really having fall and having snow/cold weather so early! I live for Fall:)
    Yup I'm also tired of hearing about the election....I gotta wonder what the rest of the world thinks of us when we say, "Yup, this is the best we got!" #jesuscomebacksoon !!!

  5. I'm sorry for your snowy October. Not exactly where I live, but up the road about an hour, there has been a bit of snow already...and we're expecting more this week! #whathappenedtoautumn?!?!

    Enjoy your week away with your husband!!


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