Friday, November 4, 2016

Seven Quick Takes vol. 152

Hi Kelly and the cool kids!


Friday! So thrilled to have made it through this busy week! With Halloween, birthdays, swimming lessons, school, and all the other extras, this week was pretty packed! And after almost a solid month of cloudy, grey, and cold weather the sun finally came out yesterday and I swear my mood improved approximately 150%. I was just so cranky and miserable Wednesday when it was foggy and damp, then yesterday the sun was shining and it felt great to be outside and the whole day was so much better. I'm officially diagnosing myself with seasonal affective disorder.


You know I'm kinda over Halloween, right? I don't share these feelings with my kids though, so they found Halloween to be the greatest and I still love seeing them enjoy these things so much. They just look forward to everything with such enthusiasm! It does make all the work and organization worth it, probably doesn't completely erase my need to whine about it, but it does make the work worth it. 


Halloween is, of course, Luke's birthday so that adds to the festivities around here. We try to make sure his birthday is celebrated with the complete equality of everyone else's birthday around here, just with lots of costumes and candy added on top! He requested his birthday pavlova once again, and was just the sweetest all day long. He's pretty much the sweetest the whole year long. We're so lucky to have him in our family and we love him so much - and I can't believe he's 7 since he was born yesterday.


See the tile?? If I was a good blogger I'd have before and after photos.

We've had some minor renovations done to our house, our doors were replaced, the bay window in my kitchen was also replaced and the window sill was tiled in these beautiful tiles that I love. I'm just so happy and grateful for these small changes, I'm almost surprised. Since we're currently renting we can't completely change this house to be the way we want it, nor would we want to invest in this particular house too much, but just having new tile in one little spot in my kitchen suddenly makes me love my kitchen a bit more! I can't imagine having a completely new kitchen! I could cry over this windowsill. Let alone an entire new kitchen. 
Sometimes when watching Fixer Upper what I'm shocked by most is when the couple walks through their entirely new dream home completely nonplussed. HOW CAN YOU NOT BE CRYING?!? You just got a beautiful new home, had to make none of the agonizing decisions or deal with the stress of overseeing a renovation and had it all done by famous people on tv, AND YOU'RE NOT CRYING?! Do you have hearts of stone?!?! 


I just finished The Good Wife last night in time for The Queen to come out today! I enjoyed watching The Good Wife even though I didn't really love any of the main characters. Actually, I did kind of love Eli, Cary, and Diane. But does anyone love Alicia? Did we expect anything but misery throughout the entire show? It ended in such a nihilistic way for women. It didn't even end in a way where Alicia somehow fulfilled her feminist dream. I think I'm mostly unhappy because it was such a badly written finale. Even if it ended in a way I philosophically disagreed with, if it was well written and more true to the characters of the show I would be more accepting. 

Wow. Way too many thoughts on this tv show...


We had a great new podcast come out this week all about the saints and creative work with Kristyn Brown, a photographer who has a new project of creating photographs of the saints. The project is so interesting and it's so cool to hear about the story behind it. I hope you get a chance to listen!


And I forgot to report that we got away for a few days kidless last week! It was sooo nice and relaxing to just get away from the real world and endless child-needs. The mountains are always beautiful and refreshing, and I think I could probably do with a getaway like that once a month - a girl can dream! The only thing I wish is that the effects of having such a lovely break lasted longer, already this week I found myself thinking, "That break was so awesome, we should do that again sometime, oh wait - that was a week ago!!!" 

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  1. I want to hear your thoughts about the end of The Good Wife! I started watching it way back when it was first one, then binged watched the last three seasons this month. I was not expecting it to end that way. And I agree with you, I really only like Eli, Cary, and Diane. I enjoyed Eli's daughter too.


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