Friday, October 7, 2016

Seven Quick Takes vol. 150

Joining Kelly and the great takers - happy Friday~


Well. I made it through this week. 
Just wanted to start this post off positively so that my laments of woes and whines is evened out somewhat. 
But in reality, my husband worked through last weekend, worked at least 14 hour days, the weather was cold, grey and awful, and then I came down with a weird cold from the kids. I made it through and it definitely wasn't my worst week of parenting, because, oh boy I've had some weeks. I'm not sure if I should blame all those factors, but I just feel like crawling into bed for a few days with Netflix, books, and a big bag of yarn and pretending the outside world doesn't need me, but 5 kids, yo.


I'm about to complain about a date night. Which is the worst, I know. 
Last Saturday we went out to see Jim Gaffigan, and he was hilarious. I really recommend his show, it's start to finish laughs and it was great. And I love him. 
But! As a date night for us it just was kinda ridiculous. Firstly, I was home with the kids by myself because my husband was working, I was leaving the kids with my parents who also had a bunch of things going on and I had to make sure everyone had church clothes and everyone got into the car so they could take them to Mass and then it was pouring rain all day so loading everyone turned into a fiasco. Then I raced to pick my husband up at his work, he was barely able to get away from work because things were so busy and hectic. We were about 45 minutes away from the show when I picked him up at work, we ate awful hamburgers that I had to wait a ridiculous amount of time for in the car while I raced through the city at breakneck speeds trying to get to the venue in time. I was stressed out and grumpy that things seemed to be taking so much work and effort and coordination just for us to go out for a few hours. We get there with about 2 minutes to spare, the show was great, then as soon as it was over at 8:45 we went to spend the night at my in-laws in the city because my husband was exhausted from getting up before 5 to work for 13 hours that day and to get up before 5 again the next. 
I mean, I know, first world problem in a way. But it still kinda stinks when we only get out of the house alone together every 6 months or so. It's just so. much. work. I bought these tickets six months ago not knowing it was going to be such an awful time at work for him, so it definitely could have been avoided, but, it was kinda a bust.


It's the beginning of October but it is cold. Windy and temps around freezing make things really unpleasant. We didn't get snow this week at the very least, but the kid's are already showing signs of weather rebellion and refusing to go outdoors for more than five minutes because "my nose is cold" and "I can't feel my knees!" Do you ever feel your knees, btw?? Nora brought me one of her summer dresses and said that was what she was going to wear that day and when I responded with how it was too cold outside to wear something so summery she demanded, "But I just want it to be sunny outside!" And I couldn't argue with that.


I'm so glad there seems to be a proliferation of decent movies on Netflix because I'm going to need them. Also - the last season of The Good Wife is out so now I can finally finish/hand over my life to the Good Wife again. We're also watching Luke Cage and I think I may secretly be in love with Luke Cage.


Since this post is almost exclusively about complaining about stuff, how about Halloween? I'm not complaining about it on a theological, moral basis at all, I'm complaining about the costumes and the need to get them. I'm officially a horrible, boring mom who would rather sit through a Presidential debate (singular though - I'm not a total heartless mother) than figure out kid's costumes. My kids are also at the stage of being horribly uncreative when it comes to costumes and so dearly want the mass marketed, ridiculously overpriced and yet cheaply made store costumes. Which you think would make my life easier except Amazon in Canada has a terrible selection, the stores in my nearest city have been sold out of the costumes my kids want to be since August,  and I don't have the time or will to go to every store looking for their perfect costume x5. I just want it all to go away. I'm a Halloween grinch.


Cherrier note, new podcast this week and it was with Anna Liesemeyer of In Honor of Design! I've wanted her to be a guest on the podcast for so long and was thrilled she came on. She's just got the greatest perspective when it comes to motherhood and business and really has a mind for both. I think she's got great things to say if you haven't listened already.


Thanksgiving weekend around here! We are helping my dad move cattle though so it'll be a working/holiday weekend. It means we'll be sticking around home for the weekend and be at my parents for dinner. We'll probably have turkey Sunday and leftovers Monday and possibly pie for every meal. And crossed fingers no snow! 

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  1. This didn't feel complain-y at all, but maybe that's because I'm a complainer. We've got a date night lined up, but I kinda just want to order take out and watch tv in bed.

    When we went to the farm last weekend I saw a ton of weird mushrooms and took pictures for you, and then I was like "wuuuut am I supposed to do with these?" haha

  2. Oh no. Husbands working away/ridiculous hours is horrible... hope it stops soon!
    My eldest keeps wanting to wear woolly tights (pantyhose? what do Canadians call these things?) to school at the moment, then coming home without her sweater on and asking to change into a summer dress, too. I think 4-year-olds may just have dodgy thermostats...

  3. Oh my goodness Christy, our Jim Gaffigan evening was equally crazy complete with child shuffling and followed by a tummy bug at 1 a.m.
    We could only get tickets to a 10pm show, which were amazing seats, but Joseph fell asleep before we left (thanks 5 a.m. wake ups) and by the end, we could barely talk to each other, we were so tired.
    I keep halfheartedly telling myself, "at least we got out alone together."

  4. Oh! And it was also a night when Joseph had to work the next day and wake up at 5:30. No way to predict that, right? Any date night that ends with, " maybe your mom should've come to the show and I should've stayed home" is basically void.

  5. My husband ended up being out of town working the night that we had tickets to see Jim Gaffigan. So I ended up going with a friend. Not quite the date night I had planned but it was still a fun show anyway! Hopefully you will get a do-over in the near future.

  6. Sorry about your date night being a bust! I love when we manage to get out alone but hate how it's so stressful to get everything lined up just so, and then it feels like the clock is ticking so you better make every minute count! Blah.

  7. Cheers to making it through such a tough week!
    Sorry about that date night... I hate when that happens 😕
    I'm with you on the Halloween costumes. At the store today they were all swooning over the stupid cheap costumes that cost $35. Times 4?!! No thanks! Think I might just say wear whatever we have which is probably what they wore last year?!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  8. I have four kids and no costumes to speak of yet. Actually, we have a tub of random costume pieces from years past. I think we'll probably just have a "grab three things from the tub" kind of year. "Wolf-fairy-ballerina"? Yes, please.

  9. Edible rosary's now that's my favorite kind of snack!!
    Jim Gaffigan is too funny! Some of his early shows are on Netflix too now:)


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