Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What's Been Working For Me This Summer

Why yes, it is practically the middle of August already and summer is flying by! I don't know where the time is going, and I know I say that a lot, but I do wish it would slow down just a tad - except when 60% of my children tantrum/whine at the same time - then time could just whizz on by. But I thought I'd quickly jot down some things that have been really working for me this summer and what has not.

What's Been Working

This bracelet

The lovely Shannon, who has the ridiculous talent of creating this beautiful jewellery, sent me this bracelet to try at the beginning of the summer and it has been a hit. It's a really well made rosary bracelet that looks simple, yet layered, yet has the right amount of colour, AND is a rosary. It's got everything going for it and I've been wearing it all the time. I really can't believe how well it's held up with every child grabbing and pulling on it approximately 70 times per day but it has and I really appreciate that fact. Shannon is being really generous and awesome and extending you dear readers a 20% discount if you use the code "FOUNTAINS" at her great shop. She's also making great soft rosaries for babies that flew off the shelves at Edel...I'm kicking myself for not buying about 100 for baby gifts because they're a perfect baby gift.

Sleeping In

Blah, blah, blah, getting up before your kids, blah blah blah. I know it's a thing, but I've been sleeping in AND getting up before my kids and I don't feel guilty about it one bit! For some reason (probably the midnight sun of northern Canada) my kids have been staying up later and wearing themselves out to the point where they are hardly making noise till 8:30 am. Which has never happened before I swear. So I'm just taking it in as much as I can and relishing it. Sure, it might back fire come September, but so far it's making my mornings feel shorter (which is a good thing when you're the one and only getting up and dealing with 5 people and the rest of the day to come).

These Art Videos

These YouTube videos for drawing for kids have been saving my whining hours as I plunk my kids in front of the computer. They're also comprising a large chunk of "art" curriculum this summer, because we don't do a lot during the school year. I've been really happy at how my kids follow along and how quickly they catch on. Thanks to the lovely Ashley for recommending them!

Smoking the odd cigar

Sooo I may have smoked a cigar at Edel with some amazing women, but since I've been back I've been going out for late evening walks in the silence with a cigar about once a week. It's been fun and relaxing and fun. Now, I don't know if I'd be gutsy enough to walk around actual people, but since we live in the middle of nowhere and I can walk a couple miles without seeing anyone it works out fine. The evening walks when the temperature is still perfect, the sun is setting, and no children have been screaming at me have also been helping my state of mind immensely. It's definitely something that I wish could happen more easily in the winter months (you know, getting out of the house alone) but I'm savouring it now.

What hasn't been working for me

My Hair!

Guys, I don't know what's going on. I'm using the same shampoo, the same products, doing the same routine and my hair is frizz city with a side of frizz. It doesn't look soft and shiny either. It looks awful. Now, we've had a really unseasonably dry summer, so I can't even blame humidity, so I just don't know what's been going on but I'm suffering. Any helpful hints?

Meal Times

At Edel the lovely Rachel Balducci mentioned in her talk something about identifying what the worst part of our day is and examining why it's the worst part of our day and what we can do to fix it. Mine is mealtime. Not simply the effort and drudgery in preparing three meals for five kids per day, but them actually eating it with all the accompanying whining, complaining, and fighting. It's just killing me and bringing me down, and remember how I wanted to get discipline back on track this summer? That hasn't happened. I just feel stuck and that there probably isn't a solution in sight.

And that's all I've got because I'm off to pack up seven people for our mountain vacation that we're leaving on tomorrow. I'm assuming it'll be an epic three day trip, if we don't die from whining on the five hour trip to get there - adventure is our middle name around here!

Remember, head on over to Organic Mama's Shop and use the coupon code "FOUNTAINS" to get a nice 20% off your order till the 29th! 

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  1. I love these types of posts! And I love that you love the occasional cigar! I was a liiiiiitle bit of a smoker in college and a little afterwards and while I don't recommend it, they are not good for you, etc, etc, I was an enjoyable thing to do while having a drink or a cup of coffee, or while waiting for something. It was a great way to, ironically, get some fresh air, and I found smokers to be interesting, humble, compassionate people. I miss it, occasionally. ;)

  2. I hope that your adventurous trip goes well! I am totally with you on the Rosary bracelet. I love those, because they are super practical, awesomely elegant, and a great reminder to talk to Mama Mary throughout the day!

  3. Have you tried using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner? I have curly hair that tends waaaaay towards the frizzy side, and making that switch this year has helped a lot! And also a high quality smoothing serum. I always try to buy the cheapest stuff, but as I get older I've realized the expensive stuff is actually often worth it! Novel concept.

  4. It's been super-awfully humid around here (Nebraska) this year and my hair has been reacting too. I hate having to change up my normal routine because I'm a stick-in-the-mud but sometimes it's necessary I guess. I like the Organix (or maybe they're going by OGX now?) line at Target, especially the Argan Oil ones. Not the best for volume but they cut out the frizz - for me, at least!

  5. So glad you guys love Art for Kids too! It was my grandmother's birthday this week and I was like, Hey kids! Let's draw something to send to her! Boom. Done and I didn't have to help, hah!

  6. I need to try out those art videos!! And, yay for sleeping in!

  7. Death via whining. Here too!!

    I've found the only way meals are palatable with my fewer younger children is 1) oatmeal w frozen berries and yogurt tossed in every single day. No options. Maybe toast. 2) sandwich meat and cheese and crackers and applesauce or fruit cut up for lunch. Every. Single. Day. 3) they have to eat what I make for Anthony which has grains and vegetables and whatever for dinner. If they don't like it, starve. Same food every day with rotating fruits and veggie has made whining lessen and my job easier. Long comment. Sorry!!

  8. Going for a walk alone with a cigar, or well, just a walk ALONE>.....sounds awesome. My husband is totally into cigars and all the tchatchkes that go with them.

    And as for hair....summer is just blah for hair. if you've got frizz you might try Argan oil on the ends. Good stuff and ive got a bottle of it that has lasted forever.

  9. Just saw your post on Blessed is She and ventured over to your blog. Love the topic!!! Love the rosary bracelet! I've been wanting to get one for a couple of years and I'm going to check out Shannon's shop.

    Sounds lovely to be able to to walk for miles without seeing anyone... living in the city it's impossible to walk beyond my street without seeing someone!

    I'd recommend changing up the shampoo and conditioner. I truly believe that sometimes we need to try out new stuff. :)

  10. Hair - try skipping the shampoo and just using conditioner. Next time you're in the city, try some of the salon-type products at Winners or Homesense. I have curly hair and great success using brands like Ouidad, EO and Angel de Provence that I've found there. If you're only using the conditioner, it's half price! Lori from Calgary


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