Friday, August 28, 2015

Seven Quick Takes vol. 127

I'm going to be really quick today - I promise Kelly!


I am going to be really quick today because I feel like I have no thoughts. We just had a nice, lazy, quiet week around here. It's been nice to have perfect weather to lounge around outside not doing much at all. The kids have been running fairly wild which I don't mind at all, but they are needing a bit more nudges to be creative outside - I think all this nice weather has bored them into summer complacency. 


Summer weather here means last Friday it was so cold we had to turn on the furnace and our zucchini and pumpkin plants got frosted in the garden. The pumpkin and zucchini are still alive and growing, but their top leaves are now all black. It's so early for that it makes me want to cry a little. Last night we had a terrific thunderstorm at around 1 in the morning and miraculously not one child woke up. What?!? I don't even know how that is possible, let alone how it happened to us, but I was lying in my bed listening to cracks of thunder and waiting with baited breathe as to who would start crying first...but nothing...


We finished the first season of True Detective last night and whoa - that show was intense. I officially take back all my previous negative comments concerning Matthew McConaughey's acting abilities, because he's amazing. Also; my husband is now terrified of Louisiana. 


Now we need a new show because Canadian Netflix refuses to give us new seasons of the shows we know and love, so hit me with the ones my husband won't abhor because I've already got Grand Hotel covered!


I was cleaning my floors this mornings and as I was doing it I was trying to remember if I ever had standards for cleanliness? I cannot even remember a time when I would get riled up over spilt oatmeal on the floor and immediately clean it up. Entryway hasn't been swept or vacuumed in weeks? Did I ever really care about that? It's not that I like filth and dirt, and we try to stay on top of things, but things just aren't really clean for that long. And I just don't really care. When did this happen? Have I just always had a million children??


We've been playing croquet all week in the evenings with the kids. I grew up playing croquet because apparently I was an anglophile from birth or something, but this is the first time we've pulled our set out of the basement for the kids. It's surprisingly kid friendly, and the kids really like it. I really recommend picking up a set if you've got more than a postage stamp size backyard. You'll feel extremely civilized while playing!


I'm planning on doing a Whole 30 type diet starting in September because I feel like I've gotta crack down on my bad habits and I'm curious as to what I'll feel like if I give a concerted effort towards my eating. But I'm also a bit scared it may, in fact, kill me. I make fun of Whole 30'ers out of fear you guys! I've also been cramming myself with all the gluten, sugar, and alcohol this week in preparation. I'll need an extra Whole 30 just to work off what I've eaten to prepare for the Whole 30. I'm a health all-star. Pray for me.

Happy Weekend guys, I'm going to be emptying out my cupboard of all San Pellegrino and tequila so that I won't be tempted a week from now...because....thinking ahead!

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  1. Once you detox from the gluten and sugar, you may miss it but you won't crave it -- I only miss things because I know what they have tasted like. Good luck! I am three weeks no gluten/starches, sugar, dairy, yeast/fermented due to some health reasons and I actually have been feeling great. Meat, nuts, veggies, eggs, and coconut oil/butter/aminos/milk are my best friends. :)

  2. Have you watched Parks and Rec?! Hilarious!

  3. Have you watched Parks and Rec?! Hilarious!

  4. Have you watched Parks and Rec?! Hilarious!

  5. Good luck with the whole 30
    Type of thing!??? I only lasted 17 days but that was mainly because of the alcohol deprivation.... I just felt I've been pregnant for too much of my life to willingly do this to myself!!!? But maybe I'm a bit too attached.... The rest of it I loved! And I felt really good!

  6. I really love the effects of the Whole 30! I have WAY more energy than I used to, and way less foggy thinking. It's awesome. Of course,I also discovered several things that my body doesn't like that my mouth does,'s actually worth the sacrifice to have the energy and zest for life. Our Whole 30 was in March, and this year's Easter Vigil was a revelation! Who knew you didn't have to be painfully exhausted during the Vigil?! I loved the Vigil before, but it's so much more awesome when not trying desperately to stave off the oncoming sleep. And since I have five kids, one of whom turned one this summer, I have plenty to make me tired.

    The thing is, they're not really kidding when they say you'll have some weird effects when you're in the process, so it's a good idea to check out their timeline and maybe sign up for their emails, because it's nice to know that you're not alone when you realize that you've walked into the kitchen 43 times in the last hour to get some chips...which aren't there and you wouldn't have them anyway because you're on the Whole 30.

    It was absolutely worth the rather large amount of effort involved to do the Whole 30 for our family. Even my husband, who was skeptical but supportive, thinks so.

    And if Canadian Netflix has Longmire, I recommend it!

  7. True Detective: Amazing. Second season isn't doing it for me though. And (wraunchy...but) have you seen Catastrophe? Do you get Amazon prime???

  8. Oh Gran Hotel, it kills me. I'm only 2/3 of the way through Season 2 but I binge watch on a regular basis!

    You can do the whole30!! Plan plan plan! That's all that's getting me through mine!


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