Friday, August 21, 2015

Seven Quick Takes vol. 126

Getting back in the groove with Kelly, because she never loses hers!


How we spent our 5 summer days. ;)

Wow, I just had to check when I last posted a quick takes and it's been almost two months. I honestly don't get how fast time flies. But I'm glad to be back with a quick note to check in with what I've been up to. How's your summer been? I want to see all of your summer bucket lists checked off! Wait, you don't do that either? Good, glad it isn't just me!


I spent most of this week getting organized for the school year. Oh yeah, because when I see all the crazy Americans going back to school at this ungodly time of year I finally start to think about preparing for our school year. I had to fill out a bunch of program plans for the government -- boo hiss! -- which is of course a barrel of fun, and I made Amazon go boom with a giant school order. I might as well spend that government money right? We actually have most of our core curriculum already because my kids seemed to finished what they were doing in the middle of last year so I just bought the next grade up so we can really pick up any time we want. I'm aiming for after Labor Day!  


I also got a lot of other annoying, chore-ish things done this week that I have been putting off all summer. I don't know why it feels good to finally get those things done but it really does. I also always make a list of things to get done in the summer and I always end up doing all of them during the last week of summer. I'm currently organizing books and bookshelves and the only solution I've come up with is I need more books and bookshelves. Which really isn't a solution. But for both those things I need a bigger house. 


I need a bigger house? But didn't I just write about living with a bunch of kids in a small house? Why yes I did! If you haven't checked it out it was over at Theresa's last week writing about it - the whole series was really great, check out all of them!


I've also been other places this summer writing a guest post for Jenny at Mama Needs Coffee on living the faith here in Canada. 

And I wrote about a month ago for Patheos and the great blog Love Among The Ruins about the comedy The Last Man On Earth. I don't think I ever mentioned it here on the blog, so if you missed it on Facebook you may never have known - what a shame!


We went on a little summer holiday for a couple days to the mountains last week and had a really great time! We just love being in the mountains. But it was especially nice to stay at a gorgeous cabin on an even more gorgeous secluded lake. The kids were able to swim on the hot, hot, hot days and then when it dipped to single digit temperatures on the last day we were there we could run around different trails almost by ourselves. (Because apparently the cold temperatures really put a damper on non-Canadians going out of doors...I dunno...maybe...weird...)


It's still hilarious how much attention we garner going to tourist-y sites with five kids. It really shouldn't be such a big deal but there are plenty of stares and "Are they all yours?!" Oh, yes they are or else I wouldn't have gotten in the same car with them for 6 hours! Actually the driving went better than expected and at this rate we may be able to drive with them on a decent road trip for more than 3 days in about a decade. Give or take. I just can't not picture travelling with my children as not being utterly exhausting. Even now are kids are getting bigger but it still requires so much work to get them there, so much work while we're there, and still major disruptions to sleep. I'm getting a bit better at accepting it, but I still feel like low-acheiving mom that I don't love and want to travel with them all yet. Just a dose of mommy-confession for you. We really did have a great time and even though it was just three days it was completely worth it and everyone loved it. There's nothing like seeing the excitement of your sweet babies as they experience new things for the first time. Even if they occasionally get a little freaked out over bears and heights! 

Hope you all have a lovely summer weekend -- I may even get crazy and start blogging next week...for real.

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  1. School doesn't start in Seattle until after Labor Day too. I can't believe how early so many states go back - I think Arizona is like the first week of August. Loved your thoughts on small houses!

  2. You made Amazon go boom! Love it! (and I love ordering books, too! maybe a bit too much...)
    Thanks again for your post on your home and how it fits all your kids and love and stuff! I'm hoping to write a recap or a "what I learned" from the series in the next few weeks (though in the interest if full disclosure, we DID go look at a bigger house in the country today.......)
    Also, I would love to stay in a gorgeous cabin in the mountains! What week should I block off next summer ? ;) ?

  3. #3 is great. Yes, the answer is ALWAYS more books and bookshelves! It's really not self-serving at all; I've had education-major college friends tell me that research has shown if parents have lots of books, that will help improve the literacy & desire for reading that their kids have. I haven't looked it up myself, but it makes sense! :)

  4. We bought bookcases and have them on the landings of our stairs (like in the middle when you are halfway down but start going the other direction). My husband can't stop buying and now we are going to need another solution soon!

  5. We bought bookcases and have them on the landings of our stairs (like in the middle when you are halfway down but start going the other direction). My husband can't stop buying and now we are going to need another solution soon!

  6. This is the first year in awhile that our vacation plans didn't include a mountain trip (we went to visit my husband's brother in Philadelphia instead) and I miss it like crazy! I might try to convince him that it's worth a random fall weekend trip because there's nothing quite like the mountains.

  7. Sooo wait........the Canadian government gives funds to families to use with educational supplies if they are homeschooling? That's pretty sweet (not that I would want to pay for everything else you're forced to there though).


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