Friday, June 12, 2015

Seven Quick Takes vol. 124

Say hi to Kelly everyone...


We're just chugging along through spring and it feels so good! It's just so nice to be able to go outdoors without bundling up and putting on boots! Add the fact that I can go outside for a walk after I put the kids to bed and it feels like I'm livin' it up. I know you're thinking, "Not a big deal crazy lady!" -- but I am grateful because I remember February vividly!


I feel like we're beginning to get into a summer grove which feels good. We've had a lot on the schedule but it becomes so much more manageable when I don't feel the pressure of having to get x amount of school done on top of it. It's just nice to have that space in our days. Although, I'm still not using that space to clean my house or plan meals, but we're still surviving pretty well! 


Gemma made it through her First Confession last Saturday with flying colours! She was fairly nervous the day of, but after hearing from Father and seeing a couple kids go before her she was excited. She says she can't wait to go to confession again, which I feel is a good thing, although it's funny to not encourage her to go out and do all the sins so she can go back sooner. ;) Tomorrow is the big day of First Communion and Confirmation and I feel like I have a million things to do to get ready for it, like make a bunch of food, plan the music for the liturgy, make sure all five kids are dressed properly, iron stuff, find myself shoes...stuff like that. I'm excited and at the same time looking forward to it being done and having this major day celebrated and in the books. Which seems like such a mom thing to I old or what??


I'm trying to use this summer time of less school work/hopefully a little less stress to work on some discipline and habit stuff with the kids. I know I've really lacked consistency in disciplining the babies while we're working at school, and well, the inconsistency just spreads and spreads. Max yells way too much, I yell way too much, Nora gets a way with waaay too much, and the older kids could use more responsibilities to take on. So I'm going to try and just get a little better at all that. Just a little better would be great. I'm trying to look at discipline and how I deal with the kids more like a habit vis-a-vis Better Than Before, I feel like if I make better habits in dealing with them it won't result in the piles of stress it usually does, and be a better example to them. There's really just so much mom-will-power I have and it has been seriously drained by five kids, but that's just my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


I feel like there should be more to report and talk about this week because everyday has been busy and yet....and yet...yeah...I don't think you need to be regaled on the wonders of 6 year olds playing soccer. Moving on...


Haley and I spent this week's new podcast episode answering your wonderful questions! It was a good chat session where we don't really give out much advice because...we don't have much! But sometimes it's good just to hear what other people are up to and what they think about random stuff. Most of the questions we received were asking about mom stuff, but I think they were pretty smart and covered a good spectrum. I hope you get a chance to listen!


Well, I've been saturating myself in Flannery O'Connor lately in preparation for my pilgrimage to Milledgeville next month! I'm getting so excited I can barely contain myself. But also; reading so much! I love reading Flannery in the summer, it's a bit of a tradition, and highly recommended!

Hope you all have a fun Father's Day weekend! (Guess who is really dropping the Father's Day ball because of this First Communion happening this weekend??)

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