Friday, January 30, 2015

Seven Quick Takes vol. 113

Checking in with good ol' Kelly.


Well, there goes another week. And I don't even know what happened to it. Does this happen to you all? Because honestly nothing exciting happened, I was mostly feeling cabin fever-ed in my house full of screaming children, and yet, time goes by. I feel like I'm trapped in some kind of time-space conundrum or something because it doesn't feel like time is flying when the tantrums are being thrown and the legos cover the floor and all. And did dinner make itself for anyone this week?? 


I'm feeling all emotional and crazy-town this week. Gosh, when did I turn all girly?? There's been a few things going on that seem to be a bit out of my control since I'm not God and all, so there's always an extreme amount of time that it takes me to come to emotional grips with that fact. I feel like there should be some tried and true emotional how-to lists when coming around to what is most clearly God's will, but why does it always seem much harder when you're the one going through it as compared with just telling someone else?? If only I could take my own advice....said everyone ever.


Here's a tip for when you're feeling emotional/living in the month of January in Canada: maybe don't read Flannery O'Connor. Now don't get me wrong, I adore Flannery. We're on a first name basis. I've read everything she's written and I still can't get enough. But man oh man, I'm reading The Violent Bear It Away for the third time this week and I'm crying every time I pick it up. It's such an amazingly graphic, poignant world she creates that you can't help feel all the feels on almost every page. I love it. But I'm crying so much! 


Holy teething toddlers, Batman! I swear, every time two-year-molar time rolls around I question who my children really are. Have I known you for these past two years?? Do you realize I gave birth to you?? You've been eating that same yogurt every day of your non-just-milk-consuming life, yet today is the day you need to scream to get it as far away from you as possible? I mean, I know they're in pain. But now that they're toddlers and can "express" themselves with's a whole new kinda pain, let me tell you. 


"But Christy," you say, "you just interviewed the guru of babies and motherly wisdom this week on your podcast, how can you be so lost and impatient?" I do not know. But I think I'm going to play that podcast we recorded with the amazing Auntie Leila everyday until her wisdom has seeped into every crevice of my impatient, cranky, yell-y, mothering heart. 

It really was a great podcast. I've listened to it again since recording it, and still can't believe how good it was. I should start listening to it again right now...


So, Cabin Fever, Teething Toddlers, Emotions. Check, check, check. What else can I dig up for you? My big kids have been really good this week. I really should focus on the positives because there are many to be found if I just stop griping. The boys were all into their art this week, which is amazing considering I'm on of their parents. Gemma has been into Heidi again while also helping her baby sister get dressed in the morning, and making lunch for me sometimes. And Dom informed me today that him, Luke and his dad are going to go "dark camping" when he is 16 and Luke is 15. Dark camping is sleeping in the dark...outside. It honestly sounds a whole lot cooler than just camping, so I didn't correct him.


Superbowl Sunday! I have a horrible fear I have no tequila and I can't even tell you how much a bottle of tequila (that's not even very good!) costs in my horribly small town. And I hate not having tequila for Superbowl. It's like Christmas without eggnog. Or...New Year's Eve without champagne. It's just not right. Also; I never cheer more passionately than when the Patriots play because I hate them with the fire of a million burning suns. Mostly Tom Brady, but enough for the whole team, really. So come Sunday, the Seahawks are getting all my love and support and occasional sports-related cursing. 

Well, those takes escalated quickly. You can thank my two glasses of wine I drank while writing. Happy Weekend, friends!

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  1. Long week here too. Emotions? Check. Toddlers? Check. You're in good company. Can't wait to listen to the podcast!

  2. I feel like Flannery needs to be read when the weather mimics the South she was writing in. It's a lot easier to bear struggle and sorrow and awfulness when it's warm and sunny. So... you know... save it for the few days in July when Canadian summer is like Georgia.
    Also... you girls are KILLING it with the podcasts. It's literally like having an hour long phone conservation with one of my dearest friends where we share and support each other and coene away feeling refreshed. Keep it up!

  3. We are in the throws of teething right now, and it just stinks.

    I've not read The Violent Bear It Away, but it's on my to read list.


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