Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January: Digging Real Deep

You guys know me -- I'm fairly confident I could win Miss Cabin Fever 2014 from last year. I had a really rough winter last year with a nursing baby, 4 other small people who don't navigate the world on their own, and so many days of bitter cold and not getting out of the house. January is just the worst. And Canada just seems to pour on the bad weather during this month, it's so dark and dreary with no festivities to look forward to, etc. etc. etc. It's a big, unavoidable pile of dismal.

This January I'm trying to do a little better. I don't have a nursing baby so I'm getting out of the house a little more, although not as much as I should, and I'm trying to dig deep for positivity to distract myself from how long this bemoaned month is.

On the better side of things since I can't get out the house I've figured that I might as well hunker down and do some major decluttering and organizing. The New Year gives me a bit more motivation in this department and since last week I've got TWO whole areas cleaned and organized. Which seems like a pittance of course, to you single ladies with all the uninterrupted time, but to me when organizing only happens in the 2-3 minute segments I try and hide from my kids it's an accomplishment. And accomplishments make January stomach-able. (That should really be a word by the way.)

Homeschooling has been plugging along, and since there are fewer distractions I feel as if we're making good progress just repeating and getting in a bit of groove with things. I think that's the beauty of ordinary days because that's where the real habits form and where real learning happens - slowly over time. If we're looking for positive, then it's a positive that we're chugging along nicely, getting things done, reading good books, everyday even for a small amount of time each day. Woot!

I'm also giving myself a little leeway to take things easy on myself even though I'm trying to organize the house a little, and clean more which really take up what extra time I've got in the in-betweens of caring for babies. Maybe I should just read a little more, maybe an episode of Parenthood isn't the end of the world, or chatting with a friend is more important folding another basket of laundry. I just find that when I think those things aren't important I get much more irritable and angry and frustrated and that's what begins the downward cycle of winter-hating-stay-at-home-mom-depression.

This winter I've been cross country skiing with the husband on the weekends and it's been really nice. As much as I hate physical activity it is worlds better to get outdoors and do something, and have a reason to go outdoors in the cold, than to spend another day never seeing the sun. I'm also trying to do this little 7 minute workout everyday because it's 7 minutes. 7 minutes is the sweet spot of workouts am I right?? Seriously, I go for it for 7 minutes, then feel no qualms whatsoever settling in with a glass of wine in the evening. Sure, I'm not losing lots of pounds but I'm moving and every little bit helps in that department. When I'm feeling really ambitious or stressed I still love to do the SoulCore workout because I feel worlds better after doing it.

What also puts a little pep in my step are new glasses. I'm a glasses-a-holic I know, but I figure since I have to wear them they should be an accessory. Elton John is on to something here. I've recently gotten a pair from Firmoo that I'm really loving. I hope ombre isn't passé because I'm fully on board the two year old trend with this pair of glasses. Firmoo have a great selection of glasses, and a price point that makes it really easy to add a pair to your collection without breaking the bank. It's a little something you could do to perk yourself up in the dregs of winter!

Oh - also a quick happy in January - some Jamberrys. I'm getting a bit addicted to these nails. They're easy, they never chip, they've got many great patterns that make me smile.

And another thing! A daughter who's becoming quite the 7 year old blog photographer for her mum!



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  1. Your glasses are the cutest. I really really like them. And your January sounds pretty impressive to me. January is mostly gross for us because Jacob is working 6.5 days a week and will continue to do so till March. So I throw myself impressive pity parties. Tell me more about this 7 minute fitness, is it an app? new workouts every day or something??

  2. how are your cheeks always so rosy?! You have a supernatural moviestar complexion.

  3. Um. I think I just published that under my husband's account. Ha!

    1. I didn't. But now I am. That orange wall? Theeeee best.

  4. Thanks for this! January here is mostly just wet and dreary... To the point that I kinda miss the cold snowy sunshine of Alberta winters. (Crazy talk, yes, I know.) Getting out of the house does make it better though and anything to avoid the "downward cycle of winter-hating-stay-at-home-mom-depression."

  5. I second Jenny's comment. :)
    I really appreciate the point you made about thinking that the chores matter and that helps to get them done. I should try.

  6. I don't need books so much now when I read your blog I admire your passion thank you

  7. Every time I see your living room walls I can't help thinking about how much I love that color!

    I wish you could take a tropical vacation every January. Without kids, or at least without the packing and long flights to get the kids there :)

  8. Love the glasses and I want to go cross country skiing now!

    I can't bring myself to hate on January because my birthday is at the end of the month so its a little light shining in the darkness. But February? February is dead to me.

  9. Love Jamberrys! And we're nearly to the halfway pint of January, which I hate the most too. February is only forgiven for being so short. Those three days matter :)

  10. Way to make January your b-word! I love your new glasses! I just got a new pair myself (yay Costco optical!) and I was highly tempted by the ombre frames but I don't feel cool enough to pull them off. You, my friend, rock them.

  11. Love your glasses and your effort and all the cute photos of cute you! I can't imagine your kind of January so kudos for getting those rooms together! We had some sunshine today and have been out soaking it up. Because I'm in TX we don't really have all. the. clothes. for really cold days. So we ultimately get this weird self-imposed cabin fever. I really should check out some thrift stores or sometthing for the boys that never cease to grow for the colder days!

  12. 7 minute workout?! Whaaaaaat? That sounds amazing! Oh and...Love the Jams...WANT ALL THE JAMS!

  13. Your daughter took some great shots! And your glasses are the BEST pair I've seen anyone post from that site, so maybe I'll check it out. All the others, I've thought "meh."


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