Friday, January 16, 2015

Seven Quick Takes vol. 111

Recapping the week with Kelly, visit This Ain't the Lyceum for the bestest (and read how Kelly works out to a certain podcast!).


Is it still January? Oh, it's January forever you say? This week was fairly unexciting, the weather was horrific, but the week was unexciting. And that's the wrap up for my week, you're welcome.


Just kidding, I've got 6 more takes to go!
The boys have been hitting the lego pretty hard in these last few cabin feverish weeks, and I can't fault them. They've been creating various flying gliders and things that they keep telling me are extremely important, it's sweet. Gemma is completely into Heidi, and it that feels like a major step because she doesn't really fall into listening to chapter books easily. So far she's been a big fan of the Little House books and now Heidi. I'm going to make her a bookworm yet! 


Let me tell you what the toddlers were up to this week: emptying drawers, emptying cupboards, spilling baking soda all of the bathroom floor, emptying containers of play-doh then hiding play-doh in bedrooms, emptying laundry baskets full of folded laundry, emptying bags of recyclables, trying to empty the garbage can (can I at least get mom points for not letting them do that?). When you've only got toddlers this all seems to be a big deal, but now I hardly even notice and take the mess for the price of ten uninterrupted minutes. It's a steep price, but I'm willing to pay it.


There were so many great things to read that I loved this week. Did you read Jenny's post on babies and debt? I completely understand where she's coming from with this post and I think the issue is a big one and very multifaceted. For each person the price of kids and it's importance will be measured against choosing to implement NFP or not, and that's a personal decision. But one solid foundational piece of Catholic social teaching is that the economic system as well as government should never be forcing unneeded burdens upon families, because that makes these choices even harder to make and maybe even takes away the choice altogether. I love that the family is the cornerstone of Catholic social teaching and that it always come back around to how we can best support the basic structure of society. I'm digressing from what Jenny said I think, but I just like that fact.


Hallie also wrote such a great post that I've honestly been dying to read for probably 8 years. It's something that I've dealt with probably 5 times over and will probably deal with my whole life. It's probably a very personal issue for me and all my issues, but I love how Hallie talks about it.

I love how Hallie talks about most you can tell from my fangirl-ing in this week's podcast episode. I just thought it was such a wonderful conversation and I'm sure we'll want to have Hallie on as a guest again, or every month or so!


In a little bit of news I got published in a real live, in print, magazine! I had a previous blog post picked up in Catholic Insight, a Canadian Catholic magazine, in their December issue. Kinda a sweet little dream of mine come true. You can't read it online but I'm sure you'd love to receive a real live, in print Catholic magazine in the mail right? You can subscribe over here.


Is everyone catching up on Downton Abbey? I definitely found some of the story-lines tiresome in this season, I'm talking to you Mary, but overall I feel as if the season gets better as it goes on and is much better than say, season three. Also, the Christmas special is highly enjoyable if you make it all the way through. Just some tv watching encouragement - because that's the type of coaching I'm qualified for!

Hope you all have a great weekend, I'm praying the husband doesn't get called to work too much because it's his on-call weekend...we'll see how it goes....

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  1. Oh, how I can relate to that post by Hallie. When I found out 3 months after giving birth, that I was going to be having another - I was not exuberant about that particular gift. But that is the wisdom of God and the Church. Now that little baby is 20 months old and his smile is irresistible. If I had my way, I would never have seen him because he is a unique person that could only have happened exactly when he did. And my toddlers' current favorite activity is to empty the dry cat food into the water bowl. Baby gates are my friends around here.

  2. So exciting about your being a published author! Congratulations!

  3. IF we make it all the way through...gosh, as if we'd abandon ship???

    (thanks for the shout out. I agree 110% with your additional thoughts.)

  4. Congrats on your published article, friend! <3 I think your quick takes are my absolutely favorite in all the world. That's probably why we're besties. ;)

  5. My 8 yo is working her way through the Little House books, and we bought her Heidi for Christmas. Great minds think alike ;-) Also, Hallie's post is gold. I wanna frame it.

  6. TV coaching? Let's go into business, I'd be awesome at it too!

  7. LOVED Hallie's post and how she writes so well about topics no one feels they can talk to others about. Also, congrats on getting published!
    And wasn't there basically an entire season of Downton dedicated to Mary's fear that her poor choices would become public knowledge?!


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