Friday, November 21, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 107

Joining the wonderful Jess, er, I mean Kelly for some quick ones today!


Thank you so much to everyone who listened to our first podcast this week! Both Haley and I are really blown away at how well it was received, especially since we were both very nervous and apprehensive to release upon the world our very unprofessional-feeling-to-us podcast that was full of "ums" and "likes". We think we get better, and we've got some really great episodes in the works that we think you'll love! 


This podcast business is what has been taking up the very small amount of free time I have and that's why I feel I've been neglecting to post much here. I ran up against a lot of annoying technical difficulties that I swear weren't because I'm completely technologically inept, but I think I may be cursed. Anyway, I wish I could say that I grew in patience but I doubt it. My husband said I hadn't encountered that much frustration and difficulty since my last giving birth to a human. And he's probably not wrong.


So. Wasn't a great week in our house. Or maybe just for me, (kids seem so impervious to strife sometimes it can be frustrating!) but I am really feeling toddler exhaustion. Is that a thing? Because I think it should probably be in the Journal of Psychology as a legit mental syndrome or something. But I've had seven years of constant toddlerness. I've had at least one toddler between the insane ages of 18 months and 3 years for that entire period and I am feeling so very weary of the constant battle that comes with having irrational, yet very independent and strong willed little people ruling my life. Yes, it's a stage they grow out of, but when I've always got a kid in that stage...well...what use are mothering platitudes?? 


It's not my first rodeo obviously with these two toddlers now, I've had a really great toddler, a fairly active one, a downright mischievous one, but I never knew how strong willed someone only two years of age could be until child number four. So stronger willed that he screams in anger as a default respond to asking him a question, a full on tantrum can begin simply by asking him to do something. It is so incredibly exhausting I just don't know how to describe it properly. I don't think it's anything other than a personality/behavioural issue because he can be incomparably sweet when he wants to be, and is very smart for his age. He seems to go in waves of difficult behaviour and when the bad wave hits which is probably a growth spurt or something it seems impossible to even love him. He's constantly pushing away, running away from positive attention, isn't even happy when his own outrageous toddler demands are met. It just leaves me felling so awful and frustrated and angry. 


Wow, my takes are so happy today aren't they?? We need something least it didn't snow 7 feet here this week! 


I'm writing over at Blessed Is She today! Do stop by and sign up for daily devotions alongside the day's Mass readings, it's such an easy way to add a little prayerful intention to your day.


I can't believe my little Irish twins are both 5 years old right now! It's amazing that they're so big so quickly. I mom moment...but when they were born and there was just a plethora of babies I couldn't imagine them being 5. I still can't imagine them any older now either. But they're so cute, fight like banshees sometimes, and are self-proclaimed "best buddies." Kinda the sweetest. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. Toddler exhaustion is totally a thing. The little guy I babysit is entering into that phase now and his poor mother is wondering what happened. I always have to remind myself of how frustrating it must feel to be growing and learning but not able to properly communicate. Still. Totally exhausting.

  2. Dom and Luke are too cute! How fun that they are five at the same time! Also I can't believe they are already five!! Wasn't Luke just born?!?

  3. I listened to podcast earlier this week (the day it came out I think?) while washing dishes and feeding a baby and praying the big girls will sleep long enough so I could finish listening (they didn't) and what I listened to in chopped up pieces was great! So excited for the next one and so happy for you because I know this has been in the works for a while! Congratulations!

  4. I know how you feel, being weary. I call it "in the trenches." I am in the trenches of crazy mobile baby who has a knack of speeding right towards the place/thing you dont want him to. I've listened to podcast #1 and you girls are so cute, looking forward to the others!

  5. Solidarity on the toddler exhaustion!
    The mothering platitude that frustrates me is, "this is just a season! they're all going to grow up so fast!" Yes, I can do X, Y, and Z "someday," except Open to Life + Apparent Extreme Fertility = This Season is Indefinite.

  6. Fist bump in the toddler exhaustion. My daughter lately, lemme tell you so many tantrums, so mighty irrational. Fist bump Mama, that's all I got for you, because yeah sometimes the platitudes aren't helpful.

  7. I feel the exact same! My first was exhausting physically, but my second drains me emotionally! He is either so sweet and cuddly (5% of the time) or just downright p-o-ed the rest. Then last night he snuck in while I was nursing the baby and whispered, "Mom, I found this crucifix!" It was so sweet how proud he was to know such a big word. God knew I needed something!

  8. You guys did awesome!! Looking forward to the next one :) And your boys are ADORABLE.

    It's totally crazy how different each toddler is...toddler #3's label is turning into "the violent one" - yikes...soooo...uhh...yeah, this too shall pass...

  9. Oh, the exhaustion. We have four chickadees, and they have seemed to mellow with each one. Thank you, Jesus. However, the almost 2 year old is a book terrorist. I swear I go into cardiac arrest every time I hear paper tear.

    I hope your week goes better. Great podcast.


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