Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Finding What Sticks with Holy Heroes

A couple weeks ago Gemma and I were working through her catechism lesson and one of the questions was "What is the four week season that prepares us for Christmas called?", or something to that effect, and I believe her exact words were: "I don't know WHAT you are talking about!"

In other words, we're doing all sorts of things right over here!

That was a moment where I both wanted to freak out -- because Advent is one of the seasons we have actually practiced in all 7 years of Gemma's life -- and simultaneously needed to remind myself that we're not trying to shove our children full of facts, even religious ones in a year...or seven. Teaching kids really takes a childhood and we've got to try to remind ourselves that all the work we're putting in is meant for a long term goal; a person who has a well-rounded knowledge of the Faith and a real relationship with Christ and his Church.

Since we're in it for the long haul, it's especially nice to have different options that teach the faith to give our kids since we don't know what's going to stick when. (Like the term "Advent" for instance?)

I think Holy Heroes is a great resource for giving out kids different ways to learn about the faith. Holy Heroes has great stories on the saints on CD so that kids can listen to an entertaining story about great lives. We listen to Glory Stories in the car on our frequent trips to the city. The kids are strapped in and desperate for entertainment, and I'm desperate for some non-fighting, so this definitely kills two birds with a holy stone! I appreciate that the Glory Stories are meant for children, but that the lives of the saints aren't being watered down at all. We listened to the story of Blessed Miguel Pro this past weekend for his feast day and I learned a lot, I'm not gonna lie!

Another great option for kids to listen to are the Rosary CDs. These are especially great if the kids are having "quiet time" and playing with Legos, I find my kids will naturally slip into praying along with the cd and it's quite adorable.

This Advent Holy Heroes has come out with an Advent Adventure Activity book complete with activities for every day of Advent. This is pretty much perfect for Gemma who loves a good workbook. I think it'd work well for elementary age kids who are looking for a little more hands-on work along with Advent stories. The book is divided into two helpful levels so kids who just want to colour and pay more attention to the overall stories in the readings can colour and do activities, while the higher level offers great questions from what is the meaning behind the colour of the priest's vestments in Mass that Sunday, to crosswords with Advent words and more. I think this book is the perfect resource for kids who are beginning to want more than simple colouring pages and a little more "meat" to what Advent is all about. The activities are mercifully free of adult participation as well, which in my book is a plus!

I wanted to let you know about this great Advent resource now so you can get it by the beginning of Advent this coming weekend, Holy Heroes is also offering this 10% off coupon for all my readers, just use the code: "10foundations".

Holy Heroes provided me with these great books and cds seen here, but you're getting my good ol' honest opinion! 

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  1. Our oldest girl "forgot" who Jesus was during Mass but then rediscovered that "he's the bloody guy on the cross who needs a band aid." Really loudly.

    Back to Holy Heroes, we also enjoy the CDS and workbooks. I bought the Advent workbooks this year, and I think they will be a hit. Hope Advent starts off swimmingly for you (can not believe Sunday starts Advent already).toodles..

  2. Looks like a great resource, Christy! Tucking this idea away for years to come. :)


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