Friday, October 31, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 105

I promise these will be quick-but go to Jen's to check out the best of the best.


Happy Halloween everybody! I've never been a huge halloween person. Don't get me wrong, we always had a great time as kids trick or treating, and I dressed up as Nancy Drew several times, but it was more of a last minute excitement fuelled by the promise of free sugar, not true holiday excitement. 


And then, one Halloween 5 years ago I had a little baby on Halloween night and now October 31 is really special. I can't believe Luke is 5. What?! He was literally my cute, pudgey, squeezy, little baby boy yesterday. And now he's a hilarious, ridiculously energetic, sweet boy with a lightening ability to figure out how things work, from the display lights in drugstores to heavy machinery. We all just love him!


After Luke was born I was really concerned his birthday would be a drag on Halloween, but clearly as a young child it just means that Halloween falls on his birthday, or happens because of it. Basically, it's great. It might become annoying in later life, but let's hope not! Luke's always been thrilled everyone gets to dress up on his birthday because it's one of his favourite things and it all just seems to work. This year everyone picked another superhero and I went out and bought costumes yesterday. Hey, I'm not even feeling guilty about it because once they can all actually help make a costume I'll begin to care and maybe put in a little creativity/work. But now it's enough work to squish them and a snowsuit into a pre-fab superhero costume.


I cannot wait until they all dress up as favourite book characters. I'm going to con the girls into Amelia Bedelia, Anne of Green Gables, and Hermione on a yearly basis. Could I get away with one red wig for all of them??


Yesterday as I was trolling for 70%-off Halloween costumes I had to restock on diapers and noticed this charming display of condoms alongside the diapers at Superstore (think Target, but Canadian, and more focused on groceries). Now, I know they've been there before, and if Superstore didn't have the cheapest diaper prices when they put Huggies on sale I wouldn't get them there, but yesterday this really riled me up. Is this a conscious decision to put contraceptives beside baby products? Do they completely miss the contradiction these two products put together project? "Use these condoms so we can sell less diapers." Basically I just was so offended. So I waited in line at customer service for the manager to be called. As I stood there in my righteous anger I suddenly recalled that I've never complained to a general manager about anything. I'm Canadian, we don't complain, sure I correct the checkout lady if a price is wrong, but not complain. I got a little terrified, but I complained nonetheless and used the word "offended" quite a few times. He basically blew me off saying he had to put the condoms somewhere, and although I wanted to head off on a diatribe of actually you don't because there are natural alternatives to rubber contraceptives....I just said, well then put them in the pharmacy section please away from the products that are meant for the products of non-sterilized sexual relations. But not exactly in those words. I know Superstore's do this across the country, but if no one complains they'll just keep doing it, so maybe if you're shopping there you could complain too next time! You'll probably do a better job than me.


My kids always want the same cakes for their birthdays even though they can pick anything. Luke's picking chocolate cupcakes with green and orange icing for the third year in a row, which doesn't seem too appetizing, but we'll go with it. 


The general mood around here this week...

This week was really gloomy weather wise around here, as well as windy and cold. It did not help my overall mood much. It made me just want to curl up every afternoon with a British television show and crochet. Which I did most days this week. I'm caught up on Downton Abbey, and there is plenty of questionable soap opera-like plot twists everywhere! But no spoilers I promise.

And check out the giveaway for the SoulCore dvd, it's on till Sunday!

Hope everyone has a great All Hallow's Eve tonight, and a great weekend celebrating All Saint's and All Soul's!

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  1. I shop at Superstore and have not noticed the condoms in the baby section. I will keep my eye out and also complain if thats the case. Good for you for saying something!

  2. So glad you complained! And speaking of Anne Shirley, have you seen this???

  3. I cannot BELIEVE that the manager's response to you was "Well, we've got to put them somewhere." An attitude like that toward a customer with a complaint is terrible. Use all that free time you have :) and write a letter to their corporate customer relations--maybe you'll get a box of diapers out of it!

  4. I wanted write back on Instagram to ask you about this, but some rogue children stole my phone last night to listen to Fancy Nancy on my Audible app....I have been wondering how Emeric is going to feel about sharing his birthday with Halloween as he gets older and I'm glad to see it's still fun for your Luke!!! (And I'm pretty sure his big sisters think Halloween happens because of Emeric too...:) I had him less than an hour after midnight and was trying my darndest to get him out sooner so he wouldn't have to share his far it's been a really fun though. But ya know. He's only 2 :) Happy birthday, Luke!!

  5. Gosh, I would have been offended too! You're right...the manager's (or whoever made the decision) train of thought doesn't even make sense! Ugh!


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