Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Just wanna bottle em up!

I've been fending off the absolutely terrifying fact that time is flying by. The years, of course. The days fly by as well, but with an awful lot of whining and cleaning that can make them feel like eons.

I often wish I could vividly remember what my days are like, each sweet phrase from each child at each precious age. But then suddenly people are 5, 6 and 7 even when you remember holding their sweet newborn head just a day or two ago.

It's a blur and whirlwind, this motherhood business. This life. I could cry at the thought that they won't be little forever, even though I could simultaneously cry knowing they are still so very little.

But I just want to bottle up their sweet, adorable, moments sometimes so that they'll forever be the most hilarious, precious things -- even when they're teenagers or when I'm losing my patience for the millionth time.

She's not saying much more than "Mama", "flowers", "kitty" and "Dada", but we'll take it. She's also lost the peg-leg but this picture was just way too adorable. I love her little facial expressions, the way she shrieks at her siblings as they pass her by, refuses to walk on her own preferring to be chauffeured by her mother's arms everywhere she goes, exercising her feistiness at every turn. Not quite a toddler, still hanging on to her baby status.

Me: Max who's your guardian angel?
Max: Papa!

Max: Coyotes eat blankie and soosie?? 

Max: Coyotes eat Nora!

Luke: Mom, your real name is Christy, but I like "Mommy" better.

Me too.

Dom says something hilarious every single day. Because he's a 5 year old boy, and they may be the best.

Dom as we're driving past Starbucks without stopping: Hey, Mom don't you want your latte?

Dom: Does the angel Raphael have the cool swords like Raphael the Ninja Turtle, because then he'd be my favourite angel.

Gemma: I don't want to get married because I never want to leave this house! 

If only. 

Followed by Luke saying: Well, maybe your husband could just live in a hotel...

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  1. Love, love these!

    My Dominic saw a Starbucks sign the other day and said, "oh hey, did you need some coffee, mama? It might make the day better."

  2. Maybe your husband could live in a hotel! Brilliant! These kids will solve the world's problems, mark my words.

    My oldest turns 9 today, so this post really tugged at my heart.

  3. Oh man I totally feel like I want to bottle the kids up these days too, they're just so adorable! And then I remember that hey, this is one of the serious benefits to the never-ending stream of offspring we keep accumulating - there's ALWAYS somebody in one of the really cute stages! Love them :)


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