Friday, October 10, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 103

Stop by Jen's for the better takes!


If you haven't yet donated to the Lenaburg family I would love to implore you to jump on board giving a little help to this wonderful family going through such a difficult time. Mary is such an inspiring mom, and the love she has for her daughter through such a difficult time is an amazing witness to me. And keep Courtney, Mary and the whole family in your prayers!

You can also order great books with all proceeds going to the Lenaburgs over at Molly Makes Do!


My week has been fairly ordinary but in a good way because I feel I got on top of a lot of things that had gone by the wayside for a while. It's always funny to think about the ordinary days being the most important -- the routines, habits, cleaning, ordering, hugging, tucking in, repeat; because you just swear nothing exciting is happening. But it's actually really good. 


I'm still not sure if you all enjoy my talking about homeschooling, or if I don't do it often enough. But we've done 6 weeks of school now, mostly 4 days per week and I think we've overcome the really terrible first weeks of resuming routine, school, learning, tantrums(from me), etc. Basically, I'm feeling worlds better about it all than a month ago. Common sense things like "THEY REALLY ARE LEARNING, IT'S JUST SLOWLY AND GRADUALLY LIKE CHILDREN, NOT ROBOTS." are sinking into my mind. 

And since 6 weeks have past and my husband is taking all of next week off of work, I've decided to try out the Sabbath schooling idea. It's basically the idea that you school for six weeks then take one week off instead of larger chunks of time more spread apart. (Or at least that's what I've been led to believe, I'm no expert.) I'm looking forward to a break where I'm intentional about being on a break and enjoying it, knowing we'll be back at it in a week. Sometimes the survival days off are definitely needed but you always feel like you can't really enjoy yourself because you should be doing school. So we'll see how I feel after a week!


I don't know if you've read all about the Jennifer Lawrence hoopla, but I can't shake the sad I feel about it. She's a movie star who is arguably one of the most attractive women in the world, and still feels and acts as if her boyfriend will be looking for sexual satisfaction elsewhere when they're apart. You'd think she'd be the last person to believe that. That makes me sad. But it makes me even sadder that her words will make most women and girls believe their own insecurities and false ideas of men being incapable of self control. It's all sad. 

I did however, think these two articles were AWESOME about the topic. Do read them and share them! 


Jenny at Mama Needs Coffee has really been killing it this month with her 31 Days of Understanding the Catholic Church's Teaching on Sex and Marriage. Her post on suicide and this week's celebration of a woman planning on ending her own life was really well done as was her post on why Catholics have a bunch of kids. The why in why we have a bunch of kids is probably news to people, and hey, we need to spread the news, folks! 


I've been a bit of a Synod nerd this week. I'm always fascinated by the Church's workings and this Synod so far has been really interesting to read about. So far I really don't understand all the headlines that prophesy doom and gloom, they're just talking after all. And we've got to start talking about these things on a general Church wide level to get some momentum moving from all parts of the Church at once, not just Pope Francis, not just the laity, not just some bishops. We've got to solidify things on a united front so that things on the pastoral, everyday level can start making strides to bringing people back to the Church and Christ. Keep the Synod in your prayers if you can.


This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving so we'll be rolling out the pumpkin pie and turkey! We'll also be helping(?) out my dad as it's the week he sells most of the cattle who've grazed all summer. The boys are already excited to watch Papa and Daddy chase cows and for cattle liners to rumble down the road! I'm also going to try to catch up on some Downton, crochet, and eat. So I'll be busy. 

Hope you all have a wonderful fall weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!

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  1. Totally agreed re: #4. Enjoy your week off of school and your Thanksgiving!

  2. I always love hearing about homeschooling from everyone and anyone! :) And while I hadn't heard of Sabbath schooling, we did a similar thing this week. It had been seven weeks and things were going well, but I was just... tired. So this week, the only thing we did was work on art and writing and playing our respective instruments, and it has been GLORIOUS! I'm so ready to jump back in on Monday. I told my husband that we were definitely doing a Artist's Break every six weeks! :) Hope y'all have a happy Thanksgiving, eh! ;)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Interesting links. Thanks for posting. I had never heard about the Sabbath schooling. Will have to mentally file that away for when the kids get older. God Bless!

  4. I feel so bad - I haven't been paying attention to the Synod hardly at all. I just want to wait until everything is done and said and then I'll take it in.

    Also, #7 - will you document? I'd love to see!

  5. Catching up on DOWNTON???? Does that mean you get to watch it already because you're in the Commonwealth? I've never wanted to be Canadian so badly (or, um, ever) in all my life!!!!!!!!

  6. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!! The Sabbath schooling is intriguing (I don't homeschool, but I am filing the idea away as future encouragement to my friends that do.) Having been homeschooled myself for junior high and high school, the schedule sounds like it would've been great for me. Bite-size sessions so that the semesters don't seem so long and...well, long.

  7. I love it when you write about homeschooling! I feel like you're a couple years ahead of us (and a million years more experienced!) and most of the other homeschoolers I follow have older kids, so it's really helpful to me to see someone else with a million little kids, and what that looks like when it comes to homeschooling.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Ooooh I do love turkey and pumpkin pie! :D And I have been following Mary's IG and read the story she wrote about her family's journey. My heart just aches for them, they are so brave. Kuddos for you too on your homeschooling! My daughter goes to public school, but I try to incorporate things I've learned from reading about homeschooling in our home life. I admire those mamas who do it full time!


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