Friday, September 19, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 101

Thanks to Jen for supporting random thought dumps once a week, every week.


I feel like I have approximately 550 million things to get done around here, but I'm going to blog anyway! Mostly because I'm probably going to spend the afternoon in the doctor's office getting little Peggy's leg looked after again. We'll get more x-rays and probably a new cast. I don't want to get my hopes up that she'll be completely healed today. It'd be nice, but I doubt it. 


So, I know I've been a huge dump of motherly guilt/failures lately, I won't change the blog name quite yet, but here's more. 

This week I've noticed Nora screams every time I sit down to read to the kids. I thought for the longest time it was just grumpiness, needing to nap, etc, but's because I'm sitting and reading to everyone. She's gotten to be pretty clingy lately and she just screams and screams and I honestly don't know what I should be doing. Throwing her in her crib I guess, but screaming. 

I never wanted to be that mom who copped out about having other children to deal with and thus let the younger ones run around like wild beasts, but there are SO many children running around here. I like and understand Kendra's tips for sure, and I want to deal with things the majority of the time like Nell talks about in her great tips this week too. but I just feel as one child is throwing a fit and needs to be physically removed, I'm holding or nursing the baby, and there has always been a baby and multiple toddlers. I think I've gotten behind the eight-ball so-to-speak because I just revert to yelling at everyone while holding the baby and being unable to physically remove and calm them down. I have the shortest of wicks due to the constant bombardment of questions, and comments, and needs. I know it starts from me, so my constant screaming at everyone isn't helping anything or anyone. I totally get it. But I'm feeling pretty stuck and buried in my own crappiness. I think I've noticed it more in the last couple weeks because my husband has been working so much overtime, weekends, late nights. It's been just me on the parenting home front and I'm just seeing it more I guess. There's been more emotional outburst from the older kids too so it's just been a smorgasbord of bad behaviour around here. It's all exhausting. 

Sorry, just thought I'd get that out there...for no reason other than my own venting.


If you follow me on Instagram I'm sorry for the rehash, but we've gotten so much great photographic evidence of the crazy wildlife around our house lately.

Last week I saw a little black bear on the side of the road while coming home from the city. Then a few days ago my husband saw A LYNX just a mile or two from our house! Lynx are rarely seen, and I don't think we even thought they lived in this area so it was a wildlife highlight. I however, did not go for my nightly walk down that road, but completely chickened out and walked in the field in sight of the house!


This week went better than last in no small part because the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Our falls are so tragically short we have to enjoy every bit of them. And this week the temperatures were warm, the leaves turned golden, and it really helped my attitude (if not the screaming). 

I've also taken a bazillion and one photos and will probably take a bazillion more this weekend!


Am I the only one addicted to the PBS documentary series, The Roosevelts that aired this week? I love me a good historical documentary. Couple that with my almost medically documented addiction to biographies of the Presidents of the United States (of which I am not even a citizen) and it's basically my tv dream come true. 

As much as I love Paul Giamatti, I can't help want to scream at the tv: "You can't be Theodore Roosevelt, you're John Adams!!"

My husband was thankful he was working everyday this week and has only been forced to watch an hour or two.


Anybody cooked some good fall feeling recipes lately? I'm fully ready for good, warm, one-pot dinners which are my favourite to cook. I made the Pioneer Woman's pot roast this week and it was heaven! 

Oh, I'm Canadian and don't even know what pecan pie tastes like, but Britt's Pecan Pie muffins looked so yummy! 

And I think banana bread needs to be made soon judging by the darkening fruit on my counter. Anyone wanna come over and bake for me?


No big plans for us this weekend as my husband only has tomorrow off, but I was going to weasel everyone into a family fall photo, which I'm sure will cause all sorts of tears. Fingers are crossed!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I hope all the crazy settles down for you soon. I know I've been struggling recently with my short fuse which inevitably gets taken out on the kids... and then I feel even worse. Just made chili and cornbread, which is a very surprising huge hit in my house! Probably all the crackers and cheese the kids get to add. There are crumbs everywhere, but no complaining so it's worth it!

  2. I empathize completely. If it isn't the 3 year old refusing to use the potty, it's the toddler screaming because he doesn't want to share, or the infant fussing because I can't get to him immediately. My hubby has been working late a few nights this week too. You're doing fine. Ever onward, sister ;)

  3. I don't have as many littles as you do but there is still plenty of yelling and baby/toddler screaming. I think my 16 month old is jealous of me ever holding or touching anyone else. So she screams/cries until I stop. It's hard because for so long it's "keep the baby happy!" and then suddenly it's "the baby is ruling our whole house!".

    Anyway, love those pictures!

  4. I don't even have half the number of kids you (not possible, I know) do but I know the feeling of being needed by all and failing at meeting even basic needs. Poor Grumpy Kitty and her cast though... she takes the cake. My brother had a broken leg at the same age, it was right around Christmas, and he was so sad and pathetic. Anyway, hang in there friend, I'm rooting for you! And girl, I could have written #5, including the part about Paul Giamatti. History nerd twins.

  5. You can't be Theodore Roosevelt, you're John Adams!!" - Hilarious! I'm the same way.

    And the part about the pecan pie made me laugh out loud.

  6. Your. Pictures. Are. Gorgeous.

    Just saying.

  7. My husband would love it if I would watch a historical documentary with him. Those and historical books are his love language. Mine - not so much!

    And I don't blame you - I would have chickened out on my walk that evening as well!

  8. Okay, a few things...1) You are just like every other mom with littles, I feel. Okay, maybe I should not assume, so I'll say, you're just like me! And, I feel like it goes in phases. What's even weirder is I feel that we all have those yucky times at the same time. When I'm at my lowest, more often than not I see a lot more of these posts popping up - it's like we're all experiencing it together. I wish you could have at least a morning/week to yourself. I did that for about six weeks this summer, and even if I was in my home with the babysitter, it felt like Heaven. You're in my prayers - I need them too :) 2) I have to start that documentary. LOVED John Adams! 3) Your pictures are gorgeous! 4) Thanks a mil for the shout-out!

  9. You are such a sweet, loving mama. It is evidenced all over the place. Being in constant need by all those little ones is just plain hard. For those of us (like Kendra, I loved her post) who have older children, it's challenging still, but not quite as much. I seriously felt like I was constantly drowning, everyone was going to grow up to hate me, and I went to bed most nights feeling like a total failure. BUT. Now those little ones are getting older and primarily remember the wonderful moments of being tiny, they are turning into amazing, interesting human beings, and they can be reasoned with. It will get better. I know that doesn't help right me do I know.... But, you are giving your best, even when you loose patience. Just get back up and try again. I still carry guilt from those days, but I try hard to give it to God, knowing that HE saw my efforts. He sees yours. :-) Peace, sweet sister.

  10. Uh, also, husbands traveling/working a lot...that is so tough.
    When I had the tiny crowd, my husband was a FOCUS missionary. They were supposed to be "radically available" to their students, which made him pretty much unavailable to us. Man that was hard. Now, my husband has to travel quite a bit for work, and I am with you! When you don't have that adult companionship, especially from the one you love most, all stress is compounded! Praying it's just a season for y'all! ;-)

  11. Pioneer Woman's pot roast is my favoriteeeee!! Right. So, I have 1/5 the number of children as you, and I was just discussing with a friend about how I so easily lost my temper with little Will because he woke up early from his nap . . . because he was SICK AND TEETHING. Open the floodgates of guilt.. Anyway, my point is that we all get to that point every once in a while! Try not to be so hard on yourself. INTERNET HUGS.

  12. Oh Christy, I can totally relate to #2 and I'm slightly dreading when the new baby comes and I'll inevitably be tied up nursing when squabbles/ tantrums arise! I Def. Have a short wick and struggle with patience.
    Also, I've been wanting to check out the roosevelts. Glad to know it's worth watching! And I love the picts you posted!

  13. I can totally relate to #2. I am a new reader but I think you said in another guest post that you realized after awhile that we can't keep toddlers (and babies) happy all the time. That really hit home for me. I always think that if I just try harder I make every one happy / anticipate needs as if I only had one child. But the reality is I have a 4 yr old, 2 1/2 yr old, and 8 month old that all have different needs and sometimes things are going to get chaotic and it's not my fault and all I can do is keep trying, do one thing at a time (food, naps, get them outside or playing in water) and try better tomorrow.

  14. I am of the "ride it out until they grow out of it" school of toddler discipline. So if I were you, I would just tweak my routine until Nora grows out of the crying-during-book-time thing. Maybe confine story time to Nora's nap time? My husband travels a lot and sometimes I read to the kids at the kitchen table and hold the book up while I'm reading so everyone can see the pictures (like a teacher or librarian does). That might help if Nora is distracted with food. Or maybe try giving her a snack while you read to the kids on the couch. My kids also enjoy audio books, especially the Dr. Seuss series, so maybe settle them in with that. They are still hearing a story and maybe Nora won't notice. Finally, the world won't end if kids aren't read aloud to daily. My husband and I love to read, its probably our favorite pastime. Of all the things to do with the kids, reading with them is my favorite. That said, there have been weeks when I didn't read my kids a single story because of whatever was going on in our lives and they are fine. 5 year old can read, younger ones recognize letters, everyone still enjoys books. Other times we read multiple books a day. Basically, just do what works for you in the time being and in a couple of weeks it will no longer be an issue cause kids are ALWAYS switching it up on us.


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