Thursday, September 4, 2014

Because We All Know 17 Months is a Huge Milestone...

Phew. So we're back at it school-wise around here. And I didn't take one cutesy shot of anyone with a chalkboard because I was too busy yelling at everyone!

On those days where everybody is driving me up ye' old wall I harken back to all my old photos of when they were all complete, adorable babies. Also; pictures don't make any noise so they were all perfect! I also am shamelessly ripping off Grace from the other day, but I haven't compared my babies in ages so why not collage it up?

I had a hard time finding a picture of Luke not smiling at this age, he was a wonderful baby and toddler up until the dreaded 3rd birthday -- thank goodness he's fine now. Max -- I could hardly find a photo where he wasn't covered in mud from this age. Gemma and Nora are really similar especially since Nora's hair has gone so blonde which isn't as evident as it should be in this photo. And Dom...let's just say his head was off the charts until he was at least 4!

So I looked at my old pictures, couldn't believe how my babies have grown so fast, fought off crying, and ended up in a better mood.

It really scares me how fast they change and how much I love squeezing them tight every single day, even when things are going off the rails. I look back and those pictures and think, "I hope I loved them as much as I could that day." Which means, I really want to try as hard as I can to love them as much as I can today.

Thanks for the mommy-blog moment!

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  1. I yelled too! A lot. Sadly.

    The pictures are darling.

    PS. I loved your 7 quick takes and I loved your answers. Thanks for keeping it real. :)

  2. Is it just me or does Nora look a lot like Dom? Minus the big head maybe... Now I want to go make a collage of my kids!

  3. They are all so beautiful.
    Thanks for the reminder to love'em to the max, each and every day.

  4. THANK GOD there was another mom sans chalkboard in the universe this week. I felt alone, so very alone.


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