Friday, September 26, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 102

Just some quick ones because I have been a terrible blogger of late. Say hi to Jen, of course!


It's amazing how we notice the little things as moms. Not just the small things about our kids, the new words they say, the little glint in their eyes, or when they're feeling tired or sad even though they don't say a word, but the little things that make up a happy life. I never remember thinking of "balance" at all before I had children. That may be because I was just 21 and didn't even know it was an important word with meaning, but I never thought of balance in our day, between work and rest, recreation and chores. I think this is one of the crucial things in living a good, whole life, but I would never had thought or found or have been forced to see it until I became a mom. 


That was all a very diffuse and philosophical way of introducing the idea that I have not had a lot of balance for myself these past weeks, only because of a busier schedule for my husband. It's really hard to do the entire day of parenting by yourself. There is hardly any margin. And margin is where I pack in things like online shopping, blogging, reading, exercise, prayer, basically the important functions for myself personally. I can usually pack a couple of those things in after the kids are in bed, but the last few weeks I've been so exhausted I fall on the couch to watch a little PBS, then am in bed by 10! I just find it amazing how the smallest things effect a mom's day. And big things too like overtime, and working weekends. He should be done soon though and then I'll be eternally grateful for his regular 12 hours away from home per day.


We really did have a good week because I was working hard to keep things from becoming "a world of endless chaos because daddy isn't coming home for supper". We got out, we did fall-things, the weather was beautiful, we saw friends. I felt like an all-star. 

I feel like these few weeks of intense mom-ing has forced me to get a good handle on our daily school routine, which makes me feel a lot better since the first couple weeks were rough. There is still toddler screaming, baby crying, and all that comes with it, but at least we're getting into a better groove. I feel like we're already doing better in a lot of ways than last year. Which pretty much means I've cursed myself for a terrible week ahead!

Oh! And the last three weeks while my husband's been working so much we've been doing school 4 days a week so that I could get out for an afternoon to the city or see friends. I think that has helped a lot. Which sounds horribly lazy on one hand, but it makes me a lot less grumpy and helps us all get more done in the four days. Mostly me, I'll admit it.


I've also taken millions of real photos with my real camera...but have yet to do anything with them. I'm the laziest blogger. I feel totally overwhelmed with how behind I've gotten with my photos. I take so many, but then really like to go back and edit, delete, edit some more, but it's been over a year since I've gone through my month by month cataloging. I feel like the only photos I edit are ones for the blog, and hey look, no photos on the blog!


I am usually a big news/headline reader but I feel like even I have to back off from reading it lately. There is honestly something horrific everyday that makes me feel like the entire world is going down the drain and gives me a terrible attitude about most everything. It may be time to get a little more rational and read a little less of it.


Nora is the funniest child. I say this for each of my children, I know, because each in their own unique way is hilarious, odd, and completely themselves. But Nora. Remember I've said before she has a bit of diva-like tendencies? She still isn't walking on her own, and since she turned 18 months yesterday officially makes her the longest to walk of my kids. But she is fully capable, it's more of a principled stance against walking that she subscribes too. She also doesn't like touching the ground much. Probably because of the dirt, grass, hardness, who knows really. Anyway last night she kept me up half the night by waking every hour. I was genuinely worried the first couple of times, then finally on the third bout figured out her nose was a bit stuffed up. Not like a snot-hydrent or anything, a bit stuffed up. But this horrific condition sent her wailing and screaming MAA-MAAA! every hour without fail. I'm fairly certain she called and burst into tears for each and every sniffle. Max slept through the night even with highly contagious, awful colds. But Nora...she must be of a dainty constitution. 

More coffee please.


Since Nora's got a runny nose -- or the plague -- I decided today to finally make my own elderberry syrup. I feel ridiculously crunchy and natural and badass. It also makes my house smell amazing! We're going to try it this winter to see if it helps ward off annoying, recurring, slight colds and flus. We'll see how it goes. Another perk is every time I say "elderberry syrup" I feel completely like Marilla Cuthbert. I'm sure she made it right after her raspberry cordial.

 I could go for some raspberry cordial right now too, come to think of it!

Happy Weekend everyone! 

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  1. I'm looking up elderberries to buy in bulk presently, so I, too, can channel my inner Marilla.

    Also, your number 2 is where I've been feeling myself at lately. Going, going, kids in bed… crash. You're a rock star - my husband's long days are only like 10-11 hours, so go you! I'm thoroughly impressed. I'd be tipping back bottles of raspberry cordial nightly.

  2. #5 Amen

    You want to stay informed, but...

    Try to stay connected at a local level helps.

  3. Sending you virtual coffee mugs... You know, like how people send virtual hugs, only better.

  4. Re: You being a "lazy" blogger.

    Um, you're raising a whole bunch of human beings, you know. It's not about laziness, it's about seasons. Right now, you're in a "Major Mom-ing" season, and in a couple of months, maybe you'll be in a "Mom-ing and Blogging" season. And that's okay. Gotta do what you gotta do, girl. =)

  5. I heart Marilla. And you. And I think you're doing a spectacular job at all the things. Blogging with tiny folk about is always hard, particularly when they have you up at night! Go easy on yourself.

  6. Elderberry syrup - wow, Christy! Yum.
    Giggling a little at your sweet Nora...I think we may share a couple things in common. ;)
    And even if your camera pictures aren't showing up on your blog, I've been loving all your fall instagram pictures. Just sayin.

  7. Oh gosh his normal days are 12 hours? So what has his overtime been? How on earth do you do it??? I complain about Shane's 10 hour days...

  8. I'm with you on #5...epsecially when I read more about ISIS and what's going on in Iraq, just makes my heart so sad.
    Homemade syrup?! Go Christy, go!!

  9. I hope things slow down for you verrry soon! You inspire me. And, Nora...well, I can't get enough!

  10. I go through phases where I avoid the news, too. Sometimes it's just too much. Hope your days get more normal soon! I know it's always so much harder when you don't have the weekend help you're used to. Make sure you squeeze in some time for yourself somewhere!

  11. elderberry syrup/tincture is the bomb! My mom made me me some last year and we either didn't catch colds or were totally over them in like 2 days. We swear by that stuff around here :-)

  12. I totally want to make that. this is the third mention I've seen in it in 24 hours so I feel like God is slapping me trying to get my attention. Crunch crunch.

  13. I had a crazy busy week, too, but for some reason it completely kicked my ass. I was not okay at the end,and my husband worked his regular 11 hour days so I don't even have that to blame it on. Going to try and stay home for a bit next week and see if that helps.

    That bit about Nora made me snort aloud. When we lived in South Korea, both my (current) youngest and my niece were insanely afraid of walking on any surface other than marble or concrete. We went to the Phillipines when they were about 2 and there was this patch of grass in front of our cabana (I know, I sound like a pompous jerk) that we called their playpen. We would set them in the middle of it and for the first 2-3 days they would just sit down and stay put. Grass is AWFUL, didn't you know?

  14. #2, yes. I feel you. Hubby is in school and I work full-time outside the home, so when I come home the nights he has class, my typical exhaustion multiplies tenfold. Sigh. Keep on truckin', mama.


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