Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summertime Musings

I swear I was going to bah-log last week and Bam! a week later already and no writings.

As last we left our adventures I had just gotten back from a whirlwind weekend in Texas with next to zero sleep. Once I got home I slept-walked around for a couple hours, then hit the hay about 9 pm. Only to be awoken to small people vomiting in the middle of the night.

Sidebar: Why the middle of the night? They haven't eaten in literally hours and yet - so much vomit. They're not even moving! It's just one of those mysteries of small children I will never understand.

And then there was throw up for about the next five days. Not all of it during the night thankfully, so I strung together a couple hours sleep to feel semi-normal again, but still, it was a long week of grumpy, sick children and a lot of laundry.

Have you noticed how sickness during the summer feels like a further indignity to a mom who usually feels children's illnesses as undue cruelty? It feels as if the few, short, luxurious, fantastic days of warmth are being stolen from you. Or maybe this is only a Canadian mom's problems because our warm days are so rare and dear and...so very rare. Last week though, it was almost too hot for the kids to enjoy being out so calling it sick days with extra tv made me feel a little less guilty that I wasn't outdoors lapping up the vitamin D.

Another thing about this hot weather that's a small drag is summer cooking. I just don't like it. I prefer stewing, and braising, and soups - glorious soups! I find grilling gets so old. Our fresh, local, tasty produce is just now ripening to the point of eating which is great, but for toddlers the idea of salad for dinner just goes over like a leaden balloon. So I find every afternoon I get a little annoyed when people want more than beer, hummus, and a cucumber thrown their way for sustenance.

Onwards and upwards though this week because I'm potty training! I'm beginning to think that potty training to the mom who's done it once, twice or thrice before is akin to childbirth. You know it's going to be so bad and you honestly will pay as much as it takes to avoid it altogether. But I'm just biting the bullet since they make no epidural for potty training -  or do they? *cough* wine *cough* - and so far so much yelling at me every time the word "potty" is mentioned. Lysol wipes should sponsor me at this point.

Anyway...I just wanted to type something to avoid both the potty messes and the ordering of school books that I should be doing right now. Hopefully I'll get my act together and write some coherent and interesting things soon.

Patron Saint of Potty Training - whoever you are - pray for us!

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  1. Beer, cuke, and hummus? I'm coming for dinner. My kids are getting the same these days… well, the beer is for me. Daddy working past dinner means I don't cook because they'll probably find something they don't like about it anyways. My problem mostly is I like grilled food, I just don't like actually grilling it.

    Also as potty training is in my very near future, pass along the info of who the patron saint is if you do find out. M'kay. Thanks.

  2. I'm a little grumpy about summer food too. Our garden is teeming with veggies but I'm drowning in survival mode so I don't know what to do with them all! That sounds like a humblebrag... it's not. Its actually quite a distressing situation for me. I hope the rest of your summer is vomit free, Christy!

  3. Summer soups! I got really excited when I found this article with many types of gazpacho. I made the avocado and pea tonight and it was really tasty! If soup is what you like, I'd recommend it!

  4. See, I don't have to cook in the summer. (I'm ducking as you all throw things at me.)

    But truly, I'd much rather EAT the green beans straight from the garden rather than blanching and freezing them, but it seems like such a waste to make our own meals when Camp makes them for us. And does the dishes, too. (I'm now ducking as you throw flaming poopy diapers at me.)

    Hopefully everyone feels much better, and soon!

  5. I went to a pool party a few weeks ago in 90+ degree heat where they served rabbit stew. I would have rather been served beer, hummus, and a cucumber. Just sayin'. Good luck with the potty training!

  6. Haha, Leaden balloon. Beer, cucumbers, hummus for dinner. Love this. But, am so sorry you had to deal with so much vomit (I really don't do vomit well at. all.)! Nor do I do potty training well. But, I can pray. So pray I will! Prayers that whoever would be so inclined to be the patron saint of potty-training will pray for you and your littles!


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