Friday, August 22, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 98

Just some quick ones, go visit the great Jen for more!


We made it through another week! And only one more week till the long weekend-what?! 
I honestly don't know where August went. It got abducted and was gone in a week I think. This week we didn't officially begin school, but we're easing into it again with our regular read-aloud time coming back in the morning, and some Life of Fred lessons to help us all recall what math is. If it was up to me we would probably never "officially" begin, I'd keep in as cas-u-al as possible, but then it would be October and people would report me.


Dom and Luke had a head-on collision last Sunday while they were playing tag in a stack of hay bales. They were running through the rows of bales and criss-crossed paths which resulted in Dom's best black eye to date. I think he's going to have colour for a while, but he cheerfully looks into the mirror everyday to say, "Look! My eye's almost all better!" I don't have the heart to disagree. 


Cari's theme this week for pics was your searched images. The first one that comes up for me is my Pinterest profile pic:

Then my screenshot:

I greatly appreciate Audrey Hepburn showing up promptly. Then a nice collection of my favourite Madonna and Child art I frequently pin. Unfortunately the premier of British Columbia, with whom I don't share many political beliefs, comes up because her name is Christy Clark. The other famous "Christy" Christy Turlington comes up a little further down the page. Next some books I've reviewed for different websites, lots of blogger friends, and then hey -- Richard Branson. To which I say wtf?? 


It was just a few short weeks ago I met Cari, was star-struck, hugged her too many times, went out for pizza with her, and drank champagne on hotel bed with her late into the night - but not in a romantic way -  it was all basically the greatest. I'm just digressing because Cari reminded me of Edel, and I'm still pinching myself that it actually happened. 

I hope it wasn't some weird Doctor Who type dream.


You guys! I haven't watched an actual movie in! Please tell me if anything good has come out this summer and is available to rent/download/stream/however it is we get movies these days. I think I'm going to try to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel this weekend, and Noah just for giggles. I'm also totally going to geek out teenage girl style to The Fault in Our Stars next week when it's available!


It's hard to believe, but it was our 8th anniversary this week! It honestly doesn't feel like 8 years. We're still too young to be doing everything we're doing. How are we parents to 5 kids? We're paying bills and have life insurance! What?! 

I don't have any advice to finding your husband. But I do think that you want to marry your greatest friend and make sure you keep that friendship the most important thing going. We sometimes joke that we're happy we still like each other, but seriously, you want to genuinely like the person you're married to after 8 years! I'd say it's good to joke with them, tease them a little, not have to worry you're going to upset them if you say something off the top of your head, play games together, and enjoy doing nothing together. That's probably life's greatest joy - being able to do nothing with someone with no guilt but pure pleasure.


We're going out for our semi-annual date tomorrow night! So I hope you all bow your heads out of respect for this solemn occasion. I know I will be. And instagramming for added treasuring of memories! 

Btw- I took the plunge and subscribed to Chatbooks this week. If you love Instagram one quarter of how much I love it you'll love that you can subscribe through this app that will print you books of your pictures for just $6 for a 60 page book! I'll let you know when my first order gets in, but I'm half-way in love already!

Happy second to last weekend of unofficial summer everyone!

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  1. I also often think, "I can't believe we pay bills and have life insurance!" I love that my face came up when you googled yourself. :) Have fun on your date and congratulations on 8 years!

  2. Yay for 8 years. Bowing my head in a millisecond of silence (sorry it's all the kiddos are allowing today) for your date. Have fun!
    And yay I made it into your Google screenshot. =)

  3. Wow, what a shiner! Such a brave little guy. And happy 8th anniversary!

  4. I was gonna do Cari's Google thing... until I realized that the first things that pop up aren't me. And no me in the next five things, either. #smallbloggerprobs

    That is really quite the black eye! Man! And congrats on 8 years!

  5. Happy anniversary! My hubby and I are finally going on a date tonight too! I can't wait. As far as movies go, we thought the grand Budapest hotel was the most random, worst movie we have seen in awhile. Lol. Thankfully we had a free rental. We are planning to watch Noah just for fun too.

  6. Shawshank Redemption is such a good movie if your looking for a good oldie : )

  7. I thought Noah was awful! Somehow we ended up owning the DVD of the grand Budapest and yes it is random and bizarre, can't ever see ya elf watching it for a second time. I did see the 100 Foot Journey the other day and that is LOVELY! But not sure if it's available out of theatre yet.
    Happy Anniversary again and enjoy your date!!

  8. Happy Anniversary! I often find myself wondering when I became an adult/married for 8 years/ mom to 4! My niece is 22 and every year I think she and I are getting closer and closer in age...
    We are big Wes Anderson fans here,and Grand Budapest does not disappoint! It's great :)

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!! Have a fantastic date night!

    The last movies we saw were the About Time and the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, so we're kind of behind the times. But we really enjoyed both!

  10. Happy anniversary! And may you have many more!
    Thanks for mentioning chatbooks - I went to check them out and ended up ordering! Now I'm excited. Such a great idea!
    The movie we saw recently that surprised us with it's sheer delightfulness was The Artist - the silent movie from a few years ago. So much fun.

  11. Happy anniversary, Christy! And have a great date night!

  12. Happy Anniversary! And, oh my goodness - Chatbooks! That is awesome! I can't wait to place an order! Thank you! And, my most recent favorite would be About Time. Loved it! Unexpectedly. :)

  13. Shut UP about Chatbooks! I've never even heard of them. Thank you!!!

    Happy date night!

  14. Happy anniversary! We recently watched both Noah and Grand Budapest. I enjoyed them both, though I wouldn't call them faves by any means. Oh! And I finally watched an episode of Doctor Who. I am still sorting it out. Haha.

  15. LOL Richard Branson! So funny. I may have to google myself... Only I share a name with the famous softball girl so that may be all that shows up. Grats on #8!!!


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