Friday, August 29, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 99

Hey, hope you all had a good week. I'll try to make these quick, go to Jen's for more!


Surprisingly, she didn't get injured doing this.

This week flew by up until yesterday where the day got swallowed by doctors offices and X-rays! Nora is still not walking by herself, and because she seems to have quite the streak of diva in her Gemma and Dominic often carry her from one place to the other because...diva. Yesterday morning Gemma was carrying her in regular awkward fashion and tripped over her own feet on the carpet in the basement. Gemma fell awkwardly on Nora but it didn't seem too bad, I thought Nora was ok even though she was crying because diva usually likes to freak out over small things. She then went down for her nap, slept for her usual amount of time but woke up crying and clearly in pain. I checked her body but she didn't seem to be reacting to any one spot, but I knew she was in pain and was basically freaking out. It happened that I already had a doctor's appointment booked for Dom in the afternoon so I just took her along, by which time she wasn't screaming constantly in pain but was refusing to put weight on her right foot. We went for x-rays, the doctor says he didn't see anything broken, but a specialist will look at them today and hopefully confirm she's just got a sprain. She's been fairly miserable ever since, woke up a lot last night, and doesn't want to be put down ever. I'm just hoping I don't get a phone call saying it's broken today!


I am the worst about stressing/freaking out about kids health. This is the first time I've had to take a child for x-rays on a bone before. So I realize that my kids are blessedly healthy but still, I freak out so much. I always pray for parents and kids with health issues during my litany when I say morning/evening prayer, but I feel like I need to do more because I can't imagine how hard it is.


Before all hell broke lose yesterday I finally finished a small gallery wall on our newish living area in our newish-ly finished basement. It's been on my to-do list since June. So of course it took me till the very last week of summer to actually accomplish! And of course I do one thing out of the regular routine of keeping people alive around here and...ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE. 


The sweetest Colleen tagged me in the writing meme going around because she is a sainted soul who thinks I actually write stuff. I just can't break her heart so I'll answer quickly and honestly! 
What are you working on? 
I am most definitely not working on a book. So stop those rumours! What? There are no rumours? Cmon guys! I feel highly accomplished if I tippity-tappity a blog post more than once a week. So that is usually all I work on.
What makes your work different from others in the same genre?
I have no idea. The blogging world is so good, and everything I say has been said before, but much better. I don't consider myself a "writer" by any stretch of the imagination. I don't feel I have the natural talent of so many of my friends, I definitely don't have the time to devout to honing any skills I do have, so I really think of myself as just blogging into the void.
Why do you write what you do?
I don't want to write noise or blather or anything that would waste your time. I don't think I write because I have anything at all unique to say really, I just feel a need to express myself somehow. I see it as a nice hobby for myself. I think I'd always wanted to write something, but I definitely don't have the time and dedication to write articles on specific subjects or work towards getting things actually published so blogging is the perfect medium for me right now. 
How does your writing process work?
Well this is a hilarious question. I usually have ten minutes here, ten minutes there and I usually write about what I have on my mind that day. I do zero planning ahead, very little editing. Obviously the quality of my writing shows this, I'm under no illusions. I usually feel extremely uncreative if I try to deliberately come up with "blog post" ideas. I'm not a naturally talented blogger like some who truly are made for this medium and thus have highly successful blogs. 

So does that count Colleen? I'm not sure if it does. I can't believe she picked me along with Jenny and the amazing Betty Duffy


I felt like I was being interviewed like a celebrity over at The Rhodes Log this week. Or at least interviewed by a celebrity! Kate asked questions about life with only small kids and babies as opposed to now with one barely-7 year old and a bunch of babies. The whole series has been really great, I've loved all the different answers from the various great women, so do check out all the posts. Kate is sweet and interesting just like her blog and I want to move next door to her and hope her coolness rubs off on me. Thanks for letting me drone on and on about babies, Babies, BABIES! 


I have also been remiss to tell you all about Blessed Is She, a daily Catholic women's devotional that will be beginning on Monday, September 1. It'll have the day's Mass readings, and a short devotional written by great writers, and me sometimes. I'm really excited to have this resource available, because as much as I love my Magnificat I sometimes completely miss out on reading it. Seeing the beautiful images with scriptures pop up on my Instagram have helped me already, I can't wait to read the meditations as well! 


Jen just asked what was the last song we listened to and for me it's Rolling Stone by Reuben and the Dark. For some reason I find it completely catchy and it gets stuck in my head and my husband doesn't understand. But there you have it! 

Happy long weekend to both Canada and the United States, it's nice when we share non-religious holidays sometimes...

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  1. Okay, seeing this photo of your husband again, I figured out who he reminds me of. His facial expression . . . it's THE SMOLDER. You are married to Flynn Rider.

  2. I love your gallery wall! Where did you find the "home is wherever i'm with you" (at least that's what I think it says) print? It's so cute!

    And yes to Kendra, definitely Flynn Rider. Haha.


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