Friday, March 14, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 83

It's Friday! I hope your reading of these assorted quick takes isn't an act of Friday sacrifice for you, make sure to head to Jen's for more Snoop Dogg.


It's been above zero all week long here! I cannot express how wonderful it has been, being able to let the kids play outside for more than a brief polar-dip-like sprint from house to car. It was actually in the double digits on Wednesday and turned out to be the warmest day since last October. Which prompted the husband to say, "Hey, look! You survived winter!" Have I?? I think I'm still experiencing some post traumatic symptoms because it hasn't sunk in yet. There's just these glimmers of happiness and hope springing up everywhere!


I'm still a huge believer in the idea that if I could be left alone for the first two waking hours of my day I'd be a completely happy and cheerful person for the rest of the day. Or course, it's impossible to carry out to see if this theory is true. Is this only because I'm not a "morning" person? I think if it was then me, being on the night-owl end of the spectrum would feel happy and delightful dealing with my children into the night which most certainly is not the case. So that officially debunks the idea of morning/night owl personalities and being a stay at home mom. You're welcome. The moral of the story is I need more patience, the end.



and this: 

come out this weekend. I have no idea when I'll see either so I don't want to hear anything! But let's all hope they're both as good as I've built them up to be in my mind!


It's hard to believe that Pope Francis was elected a year ago. I was lying on the couch very pregnant throwing trail nuts at the kids who were getting a little too rambunctious for actual lunch as I was putting them off because I wanted to wait for the announcement of who was elected. It was such an exciting moment that nothing can really compare to, something that just doesn't happen often, something you can feel isn't propelled by solely human intentions. 

I was a ridiculous mess of pregnancy hormones and out of control anxiety before Pope Benedict resigned, but once he resigned and the conclave began it was like adding a whole 'nother  level of general panic! I kept telling myself that I couldn't have the baby until after a pope was elected. Why I don't really know, because it wasn't as if the pope was going to deliver my baby or anything, but you know, the thoughts of a pregnant lady! Pope Francis was elected and immediately I felt a level of peace. It was wonderful in a way. I felt like, if God has this whole Pope business taken care of, he'll then have time to help me give birth to this baby. Crazy right? But ten days later, Nora was born and things went really well and my prayers to not die were answered and my crazy levels returned to just plain normal. 

I made the kids stand in front of the tv, they'll thank me for this documentation of history later, I'm sure.

You read Jenny's wonderful post on being in St. Peter's Square last year, right? 


I wish my kids had given up tantruming for Lent.
It's a strange reality that I spend a large chunk of my everyday going from cooling down one person's tantrum to another's. I mean, I bet it would add up. I always go in order from youngest to oldest, and yesterday afternoon Dominic had to scream for about 10 minutes straight about not being able to find his stickers he lost. If you've got an emotional breakdown around here you just gotta get in line.


I've not mentioned children's books in a while, but I really should throw these two out there because my kids have been in love with them for the past two months. Someone dug them out of the library shelf randomly, (you know you hate it when they do that!), but they are great books. Especially in the numbers and alphabet genres which can be so tedious and painful for the adult reader, LMNO Peas and 1-2-3 Peas are winners. These books are cute and clever, and filled with many tiny unique peas that the kids love looking at again and again. Max(2) through Gemma(6) think they're great. Highly recommended! 


So, how's your Lent going? I always forget just how long it feels. I know I'm not doing anything too drastic, but it was a challenging week just sticking to what I set out to do and not letting temptation get me down. Lent is not a call to be miserable! 

I did a great job walking away from Lacey cookies on sale at Costco though, I'm sure that sacrifice was felt through the spiritual landscape. ;)

Happy Weekend, may it be full of warmth and no temptation! 

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  1. AHHH! Veronica Mars!!!!!
    And we love LMNOPeas, too.

  2. I'm almost totally unfamiliar with everything in this post. Except Pope Francis. I'm heard of him. And Lent is long.

  3. So jazzed about The Grand Budapest Hotel. I love the idea of Ralph Fiennes in not a serious role. Holy Lenting to you and yours

  4. We've been reading LMNO Peas here too!

  5. Hi, this is my first visit here. I was laughing at # 2. I too am a night owl that needs more patience...and sleep. :-) I too want to see the TGBH. #4 - I love that you took a photo with kids and the TV with Pope Francis. Genius. Lent is going okay, although this afternoon I was rechecking the calendar because I couldn't believe we hadn't hit the second week yet. I feel like we should be half way over. ;-)

  6. 5. My daughter seems to have taken up tantruming for Lent! I guess I need more growth in patience?
    6. Those peas books look adorable! Honestly, the last thing I need is more kids books. I have no control when it comes to buying SK books, plus I have boxes of books from when I taught preschool. But, you've sorely tempted me with these books!
    I hope you have a great weekend with more above-freezing temps, Christy!
    7. Meh. There's certainly room for improvement.

    1. Wow, somehow my closing line got wedged between 6 and 7! Oops!

  7. I like the photo to , my album is terrible mess and my husband is photographer, as they said in Poland the cobbler is walking with no shoes , there was no winter in Uk this year so I am a bit jealous but just a bit that kids might play outside just don't know how I would manage if it will be if these days are so difficult for me to organise 5 kids so it should be blessing for my family thank you for this blog God bless

  8. By the way I am reading now Francine Rivers book Leotas garden I like her books have you been reading some of her books

  9. Two pages is a lot with 5 kids don't you think he he :)

  10. I know I'm completely behind in reading this, but I'm convinced Bloglovin' isn't showing all the posts of all the blogs I read...hmm. Anyway, thanks for the book recommendations. Those look so cute! I put them on our wish list (and then ordered brown sugar bears. I hope you get a few cents for it.)


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