Tuesday, March 25, 2014

5 Ridiculous Spring Fashion Trends for Moms

Don't you just love Spring?

I love the change of wardrobe it brings full of colour and changes of fabrics from wools to cottons and of course the glorious feeling that is going out doors without a parka! But this spring I've noticed some disturbing fashion trends that I can't fathom getting on board with for a multitude of practical reasons. Here's my top 5 offenders:

1. White 

White is big this spring, it's everywhere and it looks clean and fresh on all the models....but...
tell me how anyone with children under the age of 30 would wear jeans like these for more than 5 minutes without at least 5 stains?? I've got three boys aged 5 and under who if they saw me wearing these jeans, would make it their personal mission in life to find as much chocolate, dirt, blood, and peanut butter with which to touch my legs.
Sorry, trendy white.

2. Overalls

I don't think anyone who has been pregnant finds these funny. Enough said.

3. Crop Tops

Boy, these are hilarious ammiright?
"Crop tops" -- that are supposed to bare skin between the "waist" and belly button.
These are as cool to a mom as the words "stomach flu" and "glitter".

4. Culottes

I've got 5 kids who I have a hard enough time keeping track of, and I'm fairly confident that I'd lose a couple kids in these pants several times a day.

5. "Mom Jeans"

Noooooo!! We've come so far Fashion, and yet now you're trying to look like those mothers who shunned fashion themselves?! It's some crazy/ironic/hipster idea that has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Linking up with Hallie, even though these are on the Debbie Downer side of Five Faves...

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  1. hahahaha I'm dying over here. Those really are the worst.

  2. The only one I can understand is the white...and yes, a bad idea for any mom with littles. I always wanted white jeans but was too scared because Aunt Flo was super unpredictable when I was younger. That was a nightmare waiting to explode.

  3. Overalls... trendy nursing wear! Just loosen one strap all the way, stick a baby behind the bib, and voila! Nurse in public with confidence! Not that I need to worry about your confidence if you're out in public in OVERALLS. Pairs perfectly with the crop top for easy access.

    I think the culottes are cute. But no good if you have a wide bum from childbearing. Fashion just hates motherhood.

  4. Yes, crop tops? I'm pretty sure that midsection is the FIRST thing I ensure is covered by my outfit... Apparenty we moms are not the target market that designers have in mind.

  5. Hahaha! So true, all of these. I had enough of the 90's the first time around.... I'm totally over my love of overalls!

  6. Thanks, that made me laugh at end of a long day :)

  7. Overalls were the fashion plague of the 90's LOL I actually used to wear them. Crazy! Even worse, I had a maternity pair when I was pregnant in 2001/2002. What in the world? Does anyone actually think they are flattering?

    1. Me too! Only my overalls from college were so big I could wear them in pregnancy. the flannel shirts, the boy jeans, it's all too familiar.

  8. You are so, so right. When oh when will stains become the newest hottest must have accessory? Because then I will be the hippest lady on the block!

  9. High waisted jeans were the thing when I was in high school (yes, I am old and was in high school in the eighties). I was wondering when they'd come back around! Not that I am planning to wear them again or anything.

  10. High-waisted jeans are just the roller coaster returning to the top of the hill. No shock, they could not go any lower than they were, so we have to go up. I even have seen some with the cool double buttons up the front. I LOVE them and I am SOOO glad that I can be fashionable while wearing my favorite jeans again!

  11. The crop tops? God save us all! Haha these are too funny!

  12. Awesome :) The mesh and sheer trends also have me slightly worried...where is the fabric to hide the Spanx and the ridiculous nursing bra with 5 sets of hooks???

  13. Haha! I pay about no attention to trends -- unless friendly blog writers like you inform me -- so I hadn't seen this was all coming in...Practicality for moms (or all normal people?) and fashion have a very small intersection in the Venn diagram of life.

  14. hahah! This is awesome. I do like me some white jeans/pants, but yeah. Soooo not practical. I don't even have a kid outside the womb yet.

  15. Haha, love this! I have to admit I did buy a pair of white jeans and they sure do collect stains. :)

  16. I bemoan the white pants: the unattainable cuteness. f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Amelia said it: overalls=fashion plague. I shudder. This was just great. Thank you for this.

  17. Those mom jeans look beyond stupid. In a way, I'm relieved, because it means that I'm not just a fashion brainwashee but still have a mind of my own!

  18. YES white jeans...and I want them so bad, too!!!! It's not fair!!!

  19. FABulous. I agree with everyone of those! I do really really miss white pants though. I save them for dates… and put them on in the garage after saying goodbye to everyone.


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