Friday, March 7, 2014

Seven Quick Takes vol. 82

Joining Jen for all the 7 newsy tidbits I can muster. Have you preordered her book yet? I have.


Well, I guess blogging for 7 days in a row didn't magically create a habit. I was hoping that since I had been able to blog for 7 days I'd be magically given the powers of inspiration and effortless writing, as well as time to do it, but alas, no way. 
This week was kind of a blur for some reason even though I can't come up with anything exciting we actually did. I guess I kept people alive? School was done? Laundry folded? Riveting stuff ladies and gentlemen.


A couple weeks ago my husband and I bought ourselves cross country skis. We've never cross country skied before, but since we live in the land of never ending tundra and have nothing but wilderness for miles around we figured it would be the most worthwhile wintertime outdoor activity that we could do at home. Because we all know how easy it is leaving the house in the winter with 5 kids under 7 right? Since the weather for the past couple weeks has been absolutely frigid, yesterday was the first day I ventured forth on my skis with my sister who's been skiing around my parents property for about 5 years. She was trying to be gentle with me and telling me to take it slow. But of course I ended up in a heap twice. I couldn't get up, my sister had to turn around from being about 200 yards ahead of me and pull me up. It was fairly pathetic but I laughed pretty hard. Let's just say my tailbone region is bruised significantly.

I guess I'm not making it into biathlon next olympics. 


It never fails but each and every Ash Wednesday fasting completely kicks my ass. I mean really, one day? How hard can one day of fasting be? I of course was eating amply at meals because I'm still nursing so it wasn't even too difficult, but every five minutes I had to lament the lack of snacks or coffee or sweets. I mean, it's staggering how awful it was and how used I am to having food whenever I want.  Most of the world doesn't have food whenever they want. And a large proportion of the world fasts for much longer periods of time. So it's a humbling day when I can't even do it cheerfully one day a year. There's something romantic in the idea of being able to deny yourself basic satisfactions like food for something greater than yourself. It seems simple enough, but so much more complex once we give it a go. Also; I probably should be fasting more often throughout the year. Maybe one day!


In the vein of Lent, I'm not doing too much with the kids yet. I feel like we're slowing breaking ourselves in, and to the kids we're just explaining Lent - over and over again. Gemma is really concerned about the lack of treats and why Jesus wouldn't want treats. Apparently Gemma thinks Jesus woulda liked to eat treats too, thus, why shouldn't she have her treats? It sorta makes sense, so I keep going around in a circular argument about how when we really love someone we want to do hard things because we love them so much like we love Jesus. I don't know if it's working with her.

Dom is obsessed with "40 days!". He likes to insert this into any conversation he's having. We'll be talking about something we have to do on Saturday and he'll interject "BECAUSE IT'S 40 DAYS TILL EASTER!"

I really loved Sarah's post on Lent with small children. She should come by and do it with my kids when she gets a minute!


Have you seen this great article on a pilates class being done while praying the rosary? I think it's just awesome and would really love to do that. I love pilates and haven't done them in a while, but having pilates and the rosary together-it's the ultimate two birds, one stone! Especially for us moms who have no time for either exercise or prayer. I think I'm going to order the dvd and give it a shot! 


Does banana bread count as a sweet? I'm trying to give up my cookie habit but have a million overripe bananas. 

And how did overripe bananas happen in this house? I can't remember the last time we didn't eat all the bananas. It's a strange anomaly. My kids go through fruit like water. We are in buying fruit at Costco once a week territory and my boys aren't even 6 yet. Seriously, by the time they're teenagers I have this dread that grocery shopping will be my full time job. I may have to move to a city just to get grocery delivery! 


This weekend the weather is supposed to be above zero! I'm going to be out in shorts and a tee shirt gleefully plotting my garden and ignoring the over three feet of snow that has to melt in order to even see the ground. 

And have you joined in the wonderful Lenten photo challenge on Instagram, HolyLens? It's a new Lenten topic each day and you try to capture it somehow in a photo. Basically, I love a challenge that fuels my Instagram love. If you're on the 'gram follow me over here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. that pilates rosary thing is like the coolest idea ever.

  2. Let us know what you think of the pilates/rosary dvd! I didn't realize how hard it would be to explain Lent to kids until I tried talking about it with my 3 yo. I guess we're easing into it, too!

  3. Fasting is hard, especially at first. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are always hard for me. I love to eat and I really hate the feeling that I "can't' eat until x time. I can be on the go and running around all day and be totally fine eating less, but if I'm home and can't eat, suddently all I can think about is food.

  4. That pilates + rosary workout is amazing!! So glad you shared. Please report back on how you like the dvd, I really want to order it!

  5. Thanks for the photo project shout-out!
    By the way, keeping people alive is a totally time-consuming, all-encompassing thing to do (and way, way better than the alternative, right?)

  6. Thanks for the link to my Lent with small kiddOs post. I promise if I had some extra minutes that I would love to travel all the way to your neck of the woods and do a kids' Lent party together. =)


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