Friday, December 27, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 72

Joining my sick compatriot Jen for these festive takes...


I've got few Christmas photos this year, and I forgot my camera at my mom''re welcome...

Merry Christmas to you all!
 I hope everyone is enjoying these holy days of celebration and feasting! It's 12 days of Christmas pace yourselves....

I would have wished you all a Joyeux Noel sooner but...


I got sick for Christmas! Just what everyone wants in time for the busiest days of the year, right? And I'm not talking your regular run-of-the-mill head cold. Oh no. I'm talking kicks you in the ass and leaves you a moaning carcass flu. I was so ache-y and sore I couldn't move for almost three days! It was absolutely ridiculous. And of course, hit me on Monday and has just backed off today. 


So it twas the night before Christmas and all through our house not a creature was stirring...because I had to ship all the kids to my mom's while Paul and I had a measly three hour nap in which we were practically dead to the world. We managed to make it to my mom's to watch the kids while they were fortunate enough to go to Christmas Eve Mass with Gemma. We stayed awake long enough to open Christmas jammies, throw the kids in their beds for a dreamless sleep, lay out some stockings, gather some gifts under the tree and were back in bed for the night by 9 pm. It was a happening time! 


Thank goodness we hadn't planned on going far but just to my parents for Christmas Day. My parents and siblings entertained all the kids, who were in general all feeling alright, while their poor parents lay on couches in various rooms of the house. I'm so happy the kids don't depend upon their parents for happiness because they all had a fabulous day and declared this the "Best Christmas Ever!" 

I only ate a tiny bit of turkey dinner, and only a handful of butter tarts as opposed to my usual Christmas quota.


Amazingly, though it still felt like Christmas. It still was full of happy, excited, wonderful children thrilled at every little treat they found in their stockings and each of their gifts. Everything seems so special and magical, they demand everything to be just like last year and bring so much joy to everyone around them. Even their sad, sick parents. 

It's really sad missing Christmas Eve Mass though, I may have cried sad, sickly tears over  not being able to go. I would have had to be physically restrained from going if I could have gotten up under my own power! I'm hoping we'll all be well enough to go to Mass tomorrow evening, and I fully intend to make everyone get dressed up fully in their unworn Christmas finery!


Unfortunately Nora was the worst off in the under 25 crowd with this flu. She was the first to catch it, spent three very sleepless nights sniffling, coughing, and just being generally miserable, I thought she had bounced back and kicked her fever by Tuesday, but on Christmas day she became quiet, her fever came back with a vengeance, and she just was lying around. That's the worst isn't it? When your baby is just lying there, not grumpy, not crying, just lying. So I was completely terrified and took her into the emergency room yesterday morning and she's got a wicked case of tonsillitis! My poor baby! Thankfully she's really improved since the drugs kicked in yesterday and I'm so happy to not have a  feverish baby. Her first Christmas wasn't the best introduction to what Christmas is all about, but she doesn't eat much solids yet next year will be amazing for her I'm sure! 


I know you're just blown away by these exciting glamorous tales, but wait-there's more! Tomorrow is my sweet Max's 2nd Birthday! I can't believe he's two already. These past years have definitely flown by in comparison to even Gemma's first two years. I love baby's turning two. It just opens up a little more independence, things begin to get a little easier in more ways, hopefully he'll start talking! We'll be throwing a very simple soiree for him tomorrow with more presents, candy, and less sickness! Max knows it's his birthday because the boys like to remind him of it every 10 minutes, his reaction says something like, if they're so excited about something it's got to be good! 

Hope you're all having a healthier holiday! Thanks for reading these stellar takes!

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  1. Christy! Oh no, how awful. Hope everyone is better soon. I know it's the least of your actual worries, but the not getting to wear the new Christmas finery made my heart stop for a minute. Tragic. TRAGIC I say.

  2. You are so positive and upbeat for being couch-bound for Christmas Day! It's a good thing there's 12 whole days to get your party on :) Hope you're doing better and none of the other kids catch it. Merry Christmas!!

  3. We were sick too, but not as bad as you! I've known quite a few people who have been sick around or exactly on Christmas this year. :c


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