Monday, December 16, 2013

A Year in Blog - The Posts with the Most

I loved Sarah's idea to have a "Most" post, a little round-up of the year's blogging accomplishments. So I actually went back and looked up my old posts which is something I never do and this is what I came up with!

I'm so appreciative of all of you lovely readers. Thank you so much for reading, or stopping by occasionally, or saying hello now and again, or for being great friends I've met through this crazy internet wonder!

It's great having this "hobby" that's can be shared. I love being able to put down some "adult" thoughts, or complain a little to compatriots in the cause of raising babies, or share frivolous ideas or random rants. I love blogging because it really does connect kindred spirits that you'd never know otherwise!

Hope you enjoy - Visit Sarah and the other fun bloggers who've joined the fun.

Post with the most clicks: 

That would be this Seven Quick Takes in which I complained about a lot of things, but mostly about how time consuming taking care of 5 kids all day is. It was linked to by Jen, my blog hero, so that explains why it's still getting hits today over seven months later. It also had some happy birthday missives, not just complaining!

Post with the most comments:

I just love all your lovely comments. They make me feel just chuffed. It's so comforting to my sanity to know someone reads what I write, even occasionally. So thanks, pour yourself a glass of eggnog on me!

The post with the most comments was also the one with the most clicks-so coming in next was Children Belong at Mass. Period., Nora's baptism, and A Day in the Life with 5 Kids post. A good range of posts I would say.

Post with the best photo:

This is a tough one, not because I take so many great photos but because I just forget which ones were alright. But I think my favourite pictures are from the post of Nora being brought home for the first time. Pretty precious. I may be tearing up looking at them again. All my darling babies together! All my babies finally birthed! I love thinking about the joy of just having given birth and no longer being pregnant-its a great thing. And Nora was a beautiful newborn if I do say so myself.

Post that was hardest to write:

Nora's birth story was hard to write because I don't want too much information to be strewn across the internet, but I wanted to capture the miracle of birth and also the excruciating pain of it. I felt I needed to write her birth story more as a topper on such a complaint-filled pregnancy. I wish I had the talent to write entertaining birth stories!

I found it really hard to express how difficult the pregnancy was for me, since it wasn't too difficult physically. I also try to be honest around here but don't want to be super negative, so I didn't know what to write during that time for the most part. It was a rough time for me, so this post on the final weeks of pregnancy was tough to write in general.

Post that was my personal favourite:

I usually am not amazingly happy with my posts. I usually hit publish without too much editing or proofreading, and often I wish I had more time to better flesh out ideas or at least communicate them in a more eloquent way, but part of the purpose of this blog is to give me a place to air my thoughts and I think its more effective to do this without spending weeks and weeks on just one post. I think it's part of God showing me to be a little happier with my imperfections and it also keeps me fairly humble. Blogging=humility.

But I found three posts of which I really am fairly proud. My posts on Marriage the Mysterious Sacrament, G.K. Chesterton on Parents and Education, and Sometimes the Sacraments Are All a Mom Has. It feels like cheating to put up three. But I think that's the best I can do!

Now I feel emotionally drained! What a year.

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  1. Okay, I'm going to have to insist that you link to the actual post where Jen linked to you. I want to see it! (Unless you did and I'm just not finding it in there.)

  2. I really do enjoy how you write, enjoyed catching up with the ones I'd missed

  3. I'm off to read some of your links. I loved Sarah's idea as well and enjoyed finding your blog this way!

  4. I can't wait to read some of your posts. I think I'm going to like it here. :)

  5. Ooooh, I hadn't seen your Chesterton post, so naturally that made me quite happy. :) 2014 is going to be a Chesterton year for me!

    So glad you linked up. :)

  6. I have got to get on the ball and write a most post, I am loving reading through these posts that I missed! You are wonderful, really.

  7. Hi Christy! This is my first time visiting after popping over from Sarah's blog. I love your glasses! I am also struck, in no particular order, by your quiet wit; your love of motherhood; and that baby! Oh my goodness, that baby.

    Thank you for sharing my cup of coffee with me, and many many blessings throughout the New Year. I'm happy to have "met" you!


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