Friday, December 13, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 70

Merry Advent everyone-Joining Jen for the weekly dose of random!

Be warned of completely unrelated photos!


Quick! Someone name me a profession similar to dealing with an irate, irrational, teething, non-English speaking toddler who refuses to eat protein!!

The only things I can come up with are a) UN diplomat, b) Britney Spear's personal assistant, and c) Vladimir Putin's personal assistant. Let's just say if I wanted those jobs...oh they'd be mine after this week.


Max. Every day. Screaming. Irrationally. 
I know he's teething, I know he can't communicate to me properly because I believe he's willfully withholding English verbiage on purpose, or at least in part, and I know he's not even two years old yet, but oh boy, do the mornings sure feel like long loud hours around here. This week was so brutal. There is only so much screaming I can withstand. He, of course, is tantruming over having to eat such horrible things like anything with protein and wanting to subsist solely upon apple sauce and hidden tootsie rolls he's finding in the crevices of his siblings mattresses from Halloween, all food groups that only fuel irrational tantruming. Its like a vicious circle of tantrum! 


Weather. Sucks.
Snowed in again this week, and much too cold to put the child herd outside. It's starting to feel like I may not make it through the winter. The boys are running around in circles all the time. I'm starting to feel bad for them. At least we're all getting out today for the ever-so-exciting outing of appointments at the optometrist's! Huzzah!


Another couple nights of terrible baby sleep can be added to the screaming toddler and the cooped up little people. Nora was up till 2 am screaming for what I hope was just teeth, it was a one off in the screaming department, she's definitely not sleeping through the night, but screaming for what seems like no reason is always off-putting. And sleep-depriving. 

Picture this: exhausted mom, baby who has to be held, toddler who just screams, three older kids who need to get out of the house but can't stop fighting with each other and/or asking me questions and it is past the boiling point. 


Soooo you can tell how my week has gone. My nerves be frayed my friends. And when the nerves be frayed I resort to the survival mode of more coffee, more chocolate and more frivolous tv. I've officially gotten on board the Parenthood bandwagon after being pestered by my friend forever. And I'm fully on board. We can now talk about it whenever you want, and I'll give you updates as to my opinions when they happen. I'm basically half way through the first season and what surprises me the most is how likeable Dax Shepard is! I mean, he's Veronica Mars' baby daddy so there have to be some things going for him, but I was surprised at how much I like him already. Its weird.  


Hey hey! Advent wreath link-up everyone! 
I've really liked seeing everyone's wreaths who linked up over at CatholicMom. I think we should share the pretty simplicity of advent wreaths so the ugly pinterest Advent wreaths of the world don't take over and taint Advent forever! 
Here's ours:

Pretty simple. I use a purple cloth napkin to get my liturgical colour in, and this year I just cut some evergreen branches and curled them around the cheap, fake greenery of the ring and it is such an improvement! It adds weight, height and looks so much better all around. I think someone gave us the wreath and candle holder sometime after we got married, and I have forgotten who but we're still making it work. I keep meaning to buy a white candle for the centre because I'd like to light all the candles during Christmas, so maybe I'll find on. 

We've been eating dinner without the lights on with just the candles lit and the kids think its the greatest. They have romantic tastes I guess. Max especially loves it and never lets me forget to turn the lights off. It's pretty adorable. It's also refreshing not seeing how slowly or messily the kids are eating...ignorance proves blissful once again!


And now that I'm fresh out of any new thoughts here are some links I liked this week:

How a Great Book Can Spark Creativity. Great ways of looking at how reading changes how you think.

How do you know when your eggnog has gone bad?? I put some in my coffee just now...and I'm beginning to fear its gone funky...

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Oh! What a lovely wreath! Good idea for it, too.

  2. Wow - I don't know if #3 is a sunrise or a sunset, but it's BEAUTIFUL.


    We also live in Canada and have lots of days when the little kids can't go outside. We got this for them last Christmas from this website.

  4. i LOVE Parenthood. such great writing

  5. Whoooooa! I JUST started watching Parenthood this week! Since Conor doesn't seem remotely tired until midnight, I am already on Season 2, ha.


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