Friday, October 11, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol 62.

Hi Jen, and all you fabulous quick takers!


Do my quick takes always read like a week rehash/lament? Well. I guess that's what they are. Haha- enjoy!

This week Nora decided she hates the idea of my blogging, or maybe just my blog. It could be both. But every chance I had when I had either all the other kids in bed/busy/cared for and she was supposed to be napping/sleeping for the night she would wake up and scream, scream, scream. And I don't really know the reason for the screams, she seemed perfectly affable while awake or being held...its one of those baby mysteries. 

And obviously this isn't that big a deal, I really don't blog religiously or have leagues of followers or anything. But it just was something I wanted to do for about 10-30 minutes. And frankly, that's 10-30 minutes of doing what I want that can only happen once a day unless I want to stay up to all hours, which I just can't. For some reason this is hugely demoralizing. Is it 10-30 minutes that I just don't want to give up to the needs of my children? Yes. But does it make a huge difference to my mental health? Yes. Do I not offer it up willing? No. If anyone doesn't understand the sacrifice of motherhood then they've never stayed home with multiple children. Or one child. Anyways, moral of the story is no writing but not a lot of progress on the path to holiness. Again. Ugh.


I usually try to be positive about being at home and being with my kids because that really is two of the strongest principles I hold dear. But sometimes you can just get discouraged. I had a couple days like that this week. Not that I was specifically unhappy with anything in particular, I was just so tired of everything in general. So tired of the plain old days, with constant demands with no end in sight. Sometimes you can't help but crave change. Glamour. The outside world. And then you start thinking to yourself, "hey those kids with moms who have exciting looking jobs don't seem so bad? The moms get to put on outfits in the morning! They go places, accomplish things, get out of the house for more than an hour! Maybe my whole life's path has been wrong!"

And of course, these discouraging thoughts are really bogus. They're really temptations. The temptation to think that by putting what you want first you really will be happy. The temptation that glamour, travel, excitement is more rewarding and lasting to you and your family than the routine, care, safety, and trust you are instilling in your children by being there day in day out. The temptation to shirk the way God has shown you for what you want when you want it. All that jazz. 


Not a good week for sleep around here. Patience for children is at an all time low. Haha, says the mom of five kids. That feels like something you shouldn't admit for fear someone is going to lock you up. So today was cereal for breakfast, extra cartoons, and more play downstairs/outside-away-from-mom time. And extra coffee for me. 


With the no time to write comes also the no time to read my favourite blogs. So I've been the worst commenter ever, and I'm weeks behind in all my regulars. Actually my reader is about to explode. I think I need to subscribe to less blogs but I just want to read more and more. I haven't even read some categories in what feels like months. My "Style", "Design", and "Food" categories are piling up. I miss them. But also have no time. I miss time. 


Even though it was a less than stellar week for me, the schooling department went surprisingly well. We tackled all our books over the week which was nice, got in lots of the extra reading I wanted to cover, and the kids have done pretty well not driving me nuts. So win-win! The biggest challenge I have is dealing with Max. If you ask him how old he is he would most definitely not say 21 months. He believes he's at least three like the rest of his siblings and takes great personal offence when I don't include him in everything. Which as you can imagine just adds to the peace and harmony surrounding school time. And since he's too young for the tv he ends up having a "nap" of sorts when I need to do hands on work with the kids. Which really doesn't bother me, but it really bothers him. Basically, the over age 2 category of tots seems like a breeze compared to the under 2 set.


Ok, everyone, what's our stance on knock-off J.Crew jewelry? I'm firmly planted on the side of eBay-for-a-fraction-of-the-cost of the fence, but is that wrong? Does it make me look cheap?? Basically I'm not looking for philosophical reasoning, I'm looking for what you think it looks like in real life by comparison. I think for the money savings but still looking uber-trendy factor is legit and worth it. Its not quite as awesome as wearing the real thing, but I'll learn to live with it. Yay? Nay?


Its Thanksgiving weekend around here. Yes, all of Canada actually. And I love it! I love having a fall holiday at least two months away from Christmas!! Seriously, Thanksgiving in November is almost the worst idea I've ever heard of. Take that American Superpower! We're having friends to stay till Sunday, helping my dad move cattle Sunday and Monday, and eating all my mom's turkey both those days as well. I may eat my body's weight in pumpkin pie, just because I can! On the other hand its the first Thanksgiving in years where I haven't been pregnant (I KNOW!!) so maybe I'll show some restraint.  But I wish all my Canadian friends the nicest long weekend! And you Americans just a plain old weekend. Just kidding, I love you too, eat some pie anyway!

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  1. I've always thought Canada had it right with Thanksgiving. Makes so much more sense to do it in October!

  2. I had one of those kind of weeks too. Just never seemed to get my mom traction going to tackle the normal stuff that usually doesn't get me down. I'm on a husband initiated 10 min break bc I had a scary mommy face on when he got home. After reading your blog I think I'm ready to hit the real world again...maybe ten mins more. Happy Canadian thanksgiving! Love your neighbor to the south (Minnesota)!!

  3. It is amazing how hearing someone else struggle the same way you do, makes things seem not so bad. The funny thing is, that when I used to work, I remember having the same sort of days. I think I am remembering it with rosé colored glasses. I totally understand where you are coming from. I also like your take on it being a temptation. Thinking about it like that, is a reminder to pray when I can get pretty close to inconsolable about day to day domestic routine. I don't want to vacuum again! Those are the moments when I should be praying. I am Canadian and am pumped about thanksgiving. The weather here in Ontario is still pretty warm

  4. P.s I am the nice canadian that sent you the Facebook message. Thanks for the reply :)

  5. #2 I feel ya!!! But you're sooo right about those thoughts being temptations. I'll pray for you. :) #6 that necklace is super cute! #7 I wish the US followed suit! Props to Canada for their Thanksgiving timing!

  6. I'm with you on 1-4! Usually when 3 is happening for me I am totally all over #1, #2, and #4. Not there with ya on #5, per se, and God help us all when we are! I would be with you on #6 if I was at all fashionable, but I'm not. I've worn the same earrings and necklace day in and day out for a couple years now. It's how I wear jewelry. A couple years at a time then trade it up with something else along the simple lines and go with that for another year or so. And, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Makes me look forward to ours that much more! Food & Family!

  7. Luke is my fave too. And definitely in the list for future boy names.


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