Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Five Faves - Recipes, Books, Old Lady Slippers

I'm back with a couple random favourites...and let me warn you, they are RANDOM!


These old lady slippers. From Costco, but apparently never seen on the internet before. 

Colour me a 75 year old grandma, but these slippers are the best things ever. Obviously, the frump factor is high, but the comfort factor far outweighs the ugly! The sheepskin is perfect for my circulation-challenged tootsies, and the soles are super comfy because it appears I spend a lot of time on my feet at home. Anyway, I wear these all the time and I honestly can't believe I didn't buy them at Costco sooner. They're also a fraction of the price of the big brand names, which I'm sure also feel great, but there ya go. 


The Baby Whisperer.

Whenever anyone asks me secrets to my baby sleep training I just say The Baby Whisperer. And specifically this book. All the tips I'd give someone come directly from this book so I feel like a plagiarist giving advice. I like this book and Happiest Baby on the Block, but unlike Happiest Baby on the Block this book gives way more tips for different types of behaviour. It goes way beyond just sleeping to cover most baby and toddler issues with feeding and behaviour in general. I don't follow everything, obviously, but I feel like her approach isn't too far off from attachment parenting ideals but far more practical and always rings of common sense. Even if you don't believe in sleep training (because you're a martyr or something) this book has a lot of other great tips, I think everyone would find something worthwhile in at least checking this book out. I'm so thankful I read this when Gemma was six months old and that I had these tips when I would go on to have 5 babies in six years because I would be so hooped if I didn't have these tips and babies/toddlers that wouldn't sleep!



Magnificat Children's Books.

These are the books we let our kids have during Mass. I always mean to write up a whole post about them, but since I haven't gotten around to it I'll mention them here.

I find the pictures to be sweet and the content excellent for small kids. My husband thinks they're a little young for our older kids now, but they're perfect for ages 2-3 I think. The older kids really like the Catholic Bible as it has just the right amount of bloody battle scenes and nativity scenes. I'd like to say they entertain the kids through all of Mass, but even for a decent distraction when all hell is about to brake loose they work fairly well. We leave them in our pew at church, because we have a pew - I know! Small town church what can I say! - so they only see them once a week which always helps with attention span. Anyways, you really can't have enough religious board books, am I right?!


I used up the last of the garden tomatoes a few weeks ago with this recipe and it was amazing. I may have added an additional brick of cream cheese...because, I mean! But its a great use of the last of your garden tomatoes and tomatoes that are no longer "perfect" because you just throw them in the oven to roast, and its from Smitten Kitchen so its obviously going to be awesome.



Their song "Pompeii" has been in my head for weeks. And it'll get stuck in yours. The whole album is decent, and Dominic knows all the words to a couple songs already. So I hope they're kid appropriate...I'll have to go check!
You're welcome.

Make sure to go see Hallie and all the lovely ladies with their favourites, and have a weekend-like Wednesday!

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  1. ahh, the baby whisperer is so awesome! And thanks for the recommendation of those Children's books...they look fantastic.

  2. That tomato soup looks soo good, and I'm looking for those slippers on my next Costco run!

  3. My husband wears the loafer version of #1. We call them sloafersons for slipper-loafer-moccasins.

    And I'm about to join the #3 club, I signed my contract with Magnificat today and the book is supposed to go to the printer on Monday! But it's for First Confession, so not quite yet for your guys.


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