Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Child's play

Humor me as we descend into mushy-mommy land.

There's not much more (ok, of course, just-birthed newborns) that makes my mommy heart swell as much as seeing my kids playing. Especially their first forays into play. There's something almost magical about a little person who was once totally dependent on you for any form of happiness begin to figure things out for themselves, and figure things out enough to bring themselves enjoyment with their own imaginations and bodies. Its just awesome.

They're not producing, or making, or consuming, or whining, or demanding, or even being entertained, they're just playing. Nothing needed but maybe a simple toy or two, and magic - a happy baby beginning to figure the world out. Beginning to figure out what he likes to do, how he likes to do it, what he thinks about it; basically just figuring out what living is about.

It always makes me wonder if our natural human state is like this. A simple state of happiness that uses our imaginations for pure pleasure, maybe some creativity and imagination, by just being. I wonder if God gets the same pleasure we do when looking down on us as children when we're simply happy with those around us, with having enough, with not doing, or producing, or consuming, or even "thinking" deep philosophical thoughts?

I know Max, in all his 22 months of ex-utero experience is just beginning to find the joys of providing himself with his own world of imagination and happiness, and yes it begins to come in the form of pushing cars around with "broom, broom" sounds. I hope he doesn't loose the delight that comes from simple pleasures, or forget that sweet, quiet moments of happiness can come easily at any time if we only choose to make them.

I also hope this stage of playing with markers on everything in sight ends real quick.

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  1. It's next on my list to write on - but we've just reached, at 2.5, that amazing imagination stage. Oh my gosh I love it - we play doctor, and go hunting for imaginary tigers in the house and so much more. It's so much fun, demanding on time (what happened to the potted plant stage!?), but fun.

    We had one experience last week that involved our living room carpet and a large permanent marker.... oye. Word to the wise, non acetone nail polish remover works really well!

    Also Henry just asked me if he can play with Max ;) They'd have lots of fun playing diggers together.


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