Friday, February 8, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 32

Joining Jen and the more exciting takers this week!

I feel like I've been Debbie Downer around here so I'm going to try and amp up the superficial and fun with these takes.  

Since clothes shopping (even online!) greatly depresses me right now I've decided I need to go make-up shopping! If you've got a good make-up recommendations I'm totally up for them! I am always looking to add to my concealer collection since we all know no one really sleeps anymore right?? And I'm looking for good lipsticks so pass those ideas my way!


I've been on the hunt for new curtains/curtain panels for my living room for months now. I'm willing to spend money, but not $500 bones like my custom drape estimate came in at. I'm looking for pattern, something fun, not ugly, and preferably in the navy blue colour range because of my crazy orange walls. So far I like these ones from Anthro the bestest:

Now I'm just debating if I love them enough to drop the dinero and the extra $20 to get them shipped to Canada. Opinions anyone? Suggestions that don't involve sewing?


I really need to get over my sewing phobia. Its a phobia I swear. Or at least bordering on a mental disorder. For some reason I'm petrified of sewing. I've had limited experience with sewing in my youth in various homeschool co-ops and I was beyond a miserable failure. And I hate being bad at stuff so I've never tried again. If I would face my fear and be able to shop at a cute fabric store my home would be so much prettier!


My husband's going to a great Catholic men's conference this weekend. I've got to strongly encourage his introverted self in the direction of social activities but since he knows quite a few guys who will be there but never gets to see, I think it'll even be a little bit fun for him. Or at least it will be fun even if he doesn't admit it!  
I think its even harder for men in a way to get support in their faith as it can be such a drag bringing up religion or defending your religion constantly at work. At least us stay at home moms get to impose our religious views on everyone under us! Add to that our parish that has zero other under 40 regular Mass attendees and my poor husband probably barely remembers what its like for other guys to be Catholic sometimes!


I was just thinking yesterday how I have so much less energy this pregnancy as compared with my pregnancy with Max last year. And then I put together that it may be in part because I still lug my lazy baby around because he refuses to walk. Then I realized that when I was pregnant with Max it was the only time, other than with my first of course, that I wasn't lugging some non-walking, large-ish baby around as well as that extra "15" pounds on incubating baby. No wonder I had skads of excess energy that could be used on things such as exercise! 

That was useless trivia for you!


We could hear some kind of rodent in the attic right above our bedroom last weekend, so the husband put some small mouse traps in the frozen abyss that is the attic for a few nights. Last night he checked the traps and found a tiny, frozen, very dead vole in one of the spring traps. He was so impressed with the miniature size of the thing he was trying to show me while I was trying to be disgusted from the furthest possible distance. Then all of sudden goes to drop it in our kitchen trash can. I had to scream and stop him just in time from dropping a tiny dead rodent in my trash can. This shouldn't be something you should have to tell someone! 


I really gotta get moving. I've gotta pack up all the kids and drive the almost two hours to the city this afternoon for a very exciting midwife appointment followed by a very exciting appointment with my spiritual director. I feel like I've gotta confess to the midwife that I haven't been doing everything I'm supposed to like thinking positively and taking my vitamins everyday, and then tell my spiritual director  that my physical growth has been exceeding my spiritual growth of late. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone-I'm going to finally catch up on Minor Revisions tomorrow and the excitement is killing me!


  1. Love the curtains Christy! so fun! and would go great with your lovely lively orange walls. I actually started looking at curtains online just for fun and came across these

    which also come in navy and are pretty and fun but not so pricey :) haha, just a thought... I also have a fear of sewing, I think I just need to bite the bullet one of these days and actually try to do something! (first I need a machine though)

    oh, and eewww to the vole in the trash can! haha

  2. Heck yes about the curtains! It's totally worth it, I think. And I have a concealer recommendation for you: Tarte maracuja creaseless concealer. This stuff is great. I was thinking I needed to get eye cream and new concealer since SK came along but this concealer is so wonderful, you don't even need the eye cream! Here's the amazon link:

  3. The thing about sewing that frustrates me is the thread tension. I swear that if you could give me a machine where the thread tension never screws itself up, I'd be a sewing maniac.

    But as it is, I'm sticking to knitting. :)

  4. As for concealer, I think Lancome's is the best. It's not the cheapest, but it lasts a long time and goes on flawlessly. Another favorite splurge when I can afford it is Bobbi Brown lip gloss - LOVE that stuff.

    Best of luck with the sewing! Can't wait to hear what you think about the show. :)


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