Friday, February 1, 2013

Seven Quick Takes vol. 31

Joining the fellow pregnant for an eternity Jen this week for Quick Takes!

This week since even I am tired of hearing myself whine I'm just writing about random links-enjoy!


How awful is it that the second most exciting thing thats going to happen at the beginning of April is the start of Mad Men again, coming in just behind the birth of my child?? 
But in my house-bound state its the little things that keep you going. And if I'm going to be up all night nursing (oh joy) I might as well be watching something good! I really am excited. 


I really geek out over bookshelves. So much so that not just pictures of bookshelves are riveting but whole blog posts about organizing bookshelves thrill me. Here the amazing Jenny goes through her gorgeous way of organizing her equally gorgeous bookshelves. I kinda dream about it at night.


The Evangelista has the greatest post on buying jeans. I really loved it and whole-heartedly agree. If and when I can ever fit into one size for more than one month I have to buckle down, prepare the husband, and buy a really good pair of jeans! 


Mrs. Darwin posted this excellent link to this article about Jane Austen and moral philosophy. I really liked how the author notes Austen's attention to amiability as a virtue. To be amiable, or likeable and friendly to others, really is a virtue that was important then and is important now. Sometimes it feels as if no one believes that anymore.


If you haven't yet read Pope Benedict's Message for World Communications Day from last week its definitely worth a read. Actually is should be required reading before signing up for Facebook. And its short so you can do it! 
It really applies to anyone doing anything in any form of online communication. Sooo that makes everyone but my dad right? My favourite quotation,

"At times the gentle voice of reason can be overwhelmed by the din of excessive information and it fails to attract attention which is given instead to those who express themselves in a more persuasive manner. The social media thus need the commitment of all who are conscious of the value of dialogue, reasoned debate and logical argumentation; of people who strive to cultivate forms of discourse and expression which appeal to the noblest aspirations of those engaged in the communication process."

Or my translation: Stop being stupid on the internet!


Uh oh...I really thought I had something for number six...there was something I'm sure of it...what did I walk into this room to get again?? Who was doing something bad that I came in here to yell at?? 

Effects of preggo brain right here.


The Super Bowl's this weekend! I'm pretty torn who to cheer for because I like both teams and both Harbaughs. So its a toss up! But I think I'm going to end up routing for the Niners because we long ago took a trip to San Fran and saw our first NFL game at Candlestick. It was back in the days when they were terrible, but I've forever cheered for poor Alex Smith after I heard some of the awful things his own fans said about him that game. I'm still kinda choked he got pulled for this wunderkind Kaepernick. Ok. Way too much football talk!
Here's a great article on the Raven's Catholic centre Matt Birk. The Harbaugh's are also Catholic, so...yay! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys drinking during the Super Bowl...still pregnant and bitter over here about no pitchers of margaritas for me. I better go do whatever I just forgot I was going to do!

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