Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Glasses

In the category of non-headline news this morning-my new glasses! 

Its official. My blog ship has come in. Getting offered a pair of free glasses pretty much blows away any expectations I had of this little hobby. I love glasses, seriously, I would gladly go all Elton John and sport a new pair every day if I could! has a ton of selection and it was really hard for me to decide, but eventually I went with this rectangular burgundy pair operating under the fashion theory that I needed a little more colour to balance out my tortoise shell pair that I've been sporting for almost a year. 

Lets all agree that these pictures are much too much of my face. 

I don't mind taking a risk buying glasses off the internet, I'm usually confident in what looks good on me, mostly because I've been wearing glasses since I was 6, but Firmoo does have a handy First Pair Free program which should help all you indecisive glasses lovers. Glasses are too much fun to not take a risk with-especially with a free pair! And Firmoo is also one of the only glasses websites that offers free shipping to Canada which has to be some kinda miracle for us Canadians! 

Anyway-thats my two cents worth of glasses advice, I love glasses, the end.


  1. Never too much of your face, never.

    They asked me to do a 'try a pair and write a review' too, which was flattering, but I have perfect eyesight and their sunglass selection was kind of paltry, so I am at a loss. What is your opinion on fashion glasses?

  2. Oh I LOVE them! I have been on and off for about a month now trying to decide to take the plunge (not sure why since they do offer the first pair free). I am biting the bullet. Today. Esp. since we are snowed in and a new baby is all I have time for at the moment...

    Not sure if I've commented before, but I love your blog ;) That's all.


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