Friday, November 16, 2012

Seven Quick Takes vol. 23

I'm joining the wonderful, monk-loving Jen again this week!
But lower your expectations now, this is the impersonal wave from across a crowded room version of Quick Takes!


Well thank goodness its Friday. And I say that while having had a husband who worked only three days this week. Just another week on my crazy emotional roller coaster is enough to make it feel like a good couple months. And the weather's been relatively nice. And my children relatively non-uncontrollable. This is me trying to look on the brighter side folks.


This story is so troubling and awful. And it frustrates me beyond reason that such a medical tragedy and complete incompetence by horrible doctors is being used as a weapon by the pro-abortion cohorts. Calah has a wonderful post that I completely agree with so go read.


While you're out and about reading go check out my friend Mary's nice new column over at Catholic Insight! 


I. Cannot. Wait. For. This. Movie
I'm also dying to see Anna Karenina.
I love a good costume drama. 
And have you seen these photos from Vogue??


Oh! Random randomness: has anyone gotten into Up All Night, or even found it funny?
I've tried watching it a couple of times because Will Arnett deserves lifelong loyalty from Arrested Development. (Sidebar: How unbelievably unbelievable and horrible is that Will Arnett/Amy Poehler divorce right?!?) But this show just bugs me and I've not laughed out loud once. Which is saying something. Plus the name "Regan" for a girl annoys the pants off me, I hate how it sounds.


And this post and thread from Hallie over at Moxie Wife is so interesting. Most of the comments are wise, if a little sketchy at times in the NFP method department, but do women really know how to deal with this problem at all? I don't really know. I do know that its difficult for both husband and wife, and that a really good priest is necessary in navigating those waters. Really, a good priest is necessary in navigating NFP waters in general, which is yet another reason why NFP is so hard to practice. Of course, the whole discussion of abstinence is one that only comes up with NFP, it opens up a whole conversation of our sexuality that would never be discussed in the realm of artificial contraception, so I think if even the discussion of abstinence is causing conflict then there are a lot more deeper relational and/or personal issues that need to be dealt with. Again, another reason NFP is difficult is that it is so dependent upon relationship. Both with each other and with God. If any of those relationships are out of whack it immediately shows up in our sexual life. Which is good, because that's reality. Sexuality is not something that lives outside us, or only as a basic urge/physical need, it is at the very heart of us. Hence why its so difficult at times. Anyways, this is all fairly off the topic of Hallie's post and I'm veering into my NFP rant territory which is both uncharted and difficult to navigate!


Holy moly, the crazy baby-who-again-was-awake-for-no-known-reason-for-hours-last night literally just fell asleep in the last ten minutes of his scheduled nap. This bodes terribly for the rest of the afternoon. Or I just force my type A personality to abandon schedule and let him sleep for 4 hours straight with no regular meal if only for a little quiet? I'm living on the edge here. 

Everyone have a wonderful weekend, if you're watching Downton, I'm highly envious of your high-speed internet connection that is reasonably priced!

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  1. Thank you! I had to stand up about that poor woman's death when a friend posted a link a few days ago. I think I actually shut down the pro-abortion comments on her feed by pointing out that the fact that a woman, in a hospital, suffering a miscarriage (and basically in labor because of it) wasn't on antibiotics to begin with and why no one seems to be questioning how a woman - after 3 days in a hospital - managed to contract e.coli and die from blood poisoning. Gross negligence! I agree with Calah, I think she makes a great point that at that stage (where the baby will definitely die) and induction (while chances of life were slim to nil) would have been the best attempt to save both mother and child.

    On a better note I can't wait for Les Mis (and the Hobbit)! We might actually get two dates in December (which is the same number as we've had all year!)


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