Friday, November 2, 2012

Seven Quick Takes vol. 21

Thanks to Jen once again for taking these crazy takes!


First off, thanks to all of you lovelies and your kind words and prayers in response to my sad/crazy/sorta depressing/sorta news-worthy post the other day. Your prayers and support are really appreciated! 
And it was so nice that you all were so understanding, because I still don't understand, so good job everyone! So please keep me in your prayers if you remember, you can even bunch me with hopeless cases or something!


And just in case you all think I'm going to turn into Ann Voskamp or something around here (ok, I know no one was thinking that) I give you:

That's right. Don Draper reading Dante. It doesn't get more amazing than that does it??

I imagine he's ruminating over the second circle for sure...possibly feeling the breeze even.
I'm of the opinion that Mad Men is going to be the telling of Don Draper becoming a better person. So obviously reading Dante is a good step towards spiritual conversion. Right, right??


Here's my minions trick or treating the other night:

And yes, that is snow. And yes, they're all wearing multiple layers of winter clothing because it was that cold. Trick or treating in Canada is no joke. But I honestly think it was the coldest halloween I've ever experienced. Unless I'm just getting old. But the thermometer read -8 but with the wind it was easily -20. Not cool.


In addition to the cold on Wednesday, yesterday it snowed and snowed. We couldn't make it to All Saints Mass last night because the roads were so bad and we didn't attempt it. Our closest Mass was an hour away on country highways and at 6:30 pm, otherwise known as THE worst time of day to take toddlers to Mass. But still, its so sad not to make it. 


I've forgotten to mention I wanted to recommend Kingfisher's Catch Fire by Rumer Godden. Rumer Godden writes with such a rare ability to capture spiritual significance in everyday life. In this book the story centres upon Sophie, a British widow with two young children who tries to create a life for herself in remote Kashmir in the 1950's. Godden's description of Kashmir is so exotic and at times breathtaking that I think it in itself is worth reading this book. 

However, the conflict between Sophie's perception of the Kashmir people and the reality of the Kashmir people is really what the book is about. Sophie seems to approach them simplistically, yet with a genuine desire to treat them charitably as equals. Yet she ignores the warnings about the danger her approach to her family within the community. Somehow in all this Godden explores the personal and spiritual growth of Sophie, her complicated ideas of poverty and providing for her children, as well as her naive approach to her life as well as underlying pride. Godden is such a wonderful writer that I'm sure each reader will take away something different from this beautiful novel.


I'm glad this election business will be over Tuesday. I'm now in my political anxiety phase of the election process. I want it to be over because well, doesn't everyone?! But at the same time am nervous about the results. I'll watch the news on Tuesday night, but with a sense of impending doom. I'll be overly dramatic with each incoming poll, and drive my husband crazy until he forces me to turn it off.

Funnily enough I remember watching Obama getting elected with my seven month pregnant feet up. I've had three kids during his administration...lets keep it that way!


I have this curious desire to bake cinnamon buns today. Which sounds altogether too ambitious for me. I'm even surprised I want more sweets with chocolate bars still floating around. We'll see what happens, it is a crazy life I lead! 

Everyone have a wonderful week-end!

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