Thursday, November 8, 2012


I'm joining up with the wonderful Like Mother, Like Daughter today because the amazing Leila somehow inspired me to clean my bedroom this week-this could qualify for a miracle in the cause of her sainthood! 


Our room always becomes a huge pile of "stuff". Usually stuff I want to hide from toddlers. It amasses in no time and seems to hang around for I'm glad I finally got around to cleaning things out today. 

Its a nice motivator to think that a nice, clean, bedroom, even though its very far from my "perfect" bedroom can be a pick-me-up! I've made a strange promise to myself that I'm going to have my "perfect" bedroom by my 30th birthday...we'll see about that.

I'm also having houseguests this weekend, so this jumpstarted my cleaning, because we all know no one is going to clean their own bedroom when company is coming over, doesn't it always become a giant extra closet to throw stuff in??


Here's some books I keep in my bedroom, and of course some random necklaces I have no good storage for. Also, notice my brass ducks. I love those things. And half of my Nancy Drew collection! 

Overall, it all makes me happy.

I just realized theres really nothing here on our dresser that's my husband's but I bet if you asked him he wouldn't even remember the stuff I have on there...typical.


A little bedside table shot, and its funny because that is a lot of earplugs.
But truly a necessity for sleeping in this madhouse!


So I had to selectively clean in order to take some pictures. 
My bed was covered in clean laundry that needed to go places, and that basket is most definitely not clean laundry.

My view from my window wasn't too hot yesterday. Just a little blizzard.

And heres a couple bins full of the clothes the little mr. is constantly outgrowing. And various fabric samples. Some new pillow covers are in there too and I have to throw them on some pillows one of these days. I'm starting to question whether its even worth it storing this baby clothes...

But lets finish with a brass duck close-up because they're so cool. I hope everyone's laughing but be warned my first interior design book will be called "Decorating with Brass Birds" instant hit no?


  1. I'd agree. My mother in law decorated with brass birds, well all kinds of birds, and all shapes of brass. I have had a few passed to us and my girls love the brass bird they have.

  2. I recognized the Nancy Drew books immediately! They were my absolute favorites growing up!

    How Bout Some Cake?

  3. So true about your own bedroom becoming an extra large closet when guests visit! I have four young littles as well..God bless you!!

  4. My earplug stash is similar in size and location to yours...

  5. I love those brass birds! And that book will be a gold mine :)Thanks for joining!

  6. Oh I know all about clean laundry covering the bed, the couches, or where-ever. I always tell people, I don't mind doing laundry. I don't even mind folding so much - but I hate putting it all away!!!

    Love your brass duck. You would be jealous - I have a brass elephant that goes up to my knees :)


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