Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Feast of St. Dominic today!

Just thought I'd say a little mention for the feast of St. Dominic today. We've somehow started the tradition of having a special dessert/treats on each of the kids feast days...when I remember in time that is, I may have pushed St. Luke's feast day a couple of days back last year. So Dom was pumped when we made a big deal for him and his saint today. (He insisted on chocolate cake not cupcakes, because apparently cupcakes have now officially been labeled "extremely girly".)

“Saint Dominic recalls the origin of the testimony of faith that every Christian should give to their family, work, social life and in the most relaxed moments, those of prayer. Only the constant relationship with God gives us the strength to live every day intensely.”

-Pope Benedict XVI, General Audience Aug. 8, 2012

Love that!

Also; Fr. Murray has a nice reflection on St. Dominic as well. 

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