Thursday, August 30, 2012

Apparently the olden days have a lot of carnival rides...

We hit up the local historical village(?) (what are these things categorized as anyways?) this past week. It was a fun filled couple hours of herding children in and out of very old buildings, riding some merry-go-rounds, and watching my mom capitulate to the cries of "Treat! Treat!" whenever my children saw candy, which of course was only every five minutes. 

Dom was pretty bummed he wasn't tall enough to ride the merry-go-round by himself. Apparently its a huge drag riding with your Aunt.

Mr. Happy Pants even clapped in joy at the sight of watching everyone else enjoy the ride while he was trapped in his sad little umbrella stroller. He's clearly already the saint of this family.

Thank the good Lord that my children were tall enough to ride the Farris Wheel or else I would have endured what could have only been endless hours of whining disappointment at not being able to ride! 

I'm pretty sure all her dreams came true in this ride.

Having to ride with an Aunt didn't ruin the awesomeness that was the Farris Wheel though!

Here's Auntie Lexa with the toddles. Yay for my sister who spends most of her civilized time at fancy Catholic schools around the world, then offers up a few months in unpaid nannying/slavery/putting up with boys calling her "Uncle Lexa" really loudly in public.

I get this face a lot. 

We let them play with the antique game until we started getting looks from the guy dressed up in 1920's garb. Heaven forbid we damage priceless artifacts. Oh wait. Edmonton is about 100 years old...sooo....

Further proof of the excessive amount of sugar my mom supplied them with. And pardon my dreadful hair. I spent all of 5 minutes on how I looked before walking out the hotel door that morning. 

But we left Fort Edmonton intact, even after a couple time outs on wooden sidewalks, a few incidents of tossing one's garbage into the strategically placed wooded areas and then spending 20 minutes forcing the offender to find said garbage, and remarkably no priceless artifacts were permanently damaged! And that marks the true success of an outing right?

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