Wednesday, March 14, 2012

11 weeks old

Guess who's 11 weeks today? That's right this cute little bundle.
11 weeks? How did that happen so quickly?  I think I've been firmly implanted in that strange newborn time warp where everything seems like one and the same day and you don't notice the weeks and months passing by. 

So does this mean I'm approaching the end of the sweet newborn stage? I love the newborn stage of excessive sleeping during the day, and cuddles, and itsy bitsy clothes. He's been a pretty undemanding baby. And most definitely the easiest kid I've got at the moment. He just needs food and cuddles no discipline!

As he grows the only problem we have to solve is where he's going to sleep as we gradually bring in a little more sleep scheduling. I have to admit that he's been sleeping out in our living room in his swing until I feed him and then he'll sleep on the couch and finally my bed after my husband leaves for work. We've only got two other bedrooms, and I may be delusional enough to be thinking of just putting the other three in the same room. Which could turn out like putting a motorcycle gang in a closet. Loud. Boisterous. Possibly violent. We'll see what happens.

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