Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some baptizing going on...

We've got a new little sanctified soul in the house! Max was baptized these past weekend so we were all pretty excited. Its so nice to know you've done your part as a parent and got your kid into the Church, whew! 

Every baptism brings to life the crazy awesomeness of this sacrament to me. Its really incomprehensible to us, but the whole biblical background, and of course, Christ's words on the power of baptism really blows me away.
All your sins are forgiven. Period.


Max was perfect by the way. I have no idea how pouring water over his head doesn't wake him up but me moving an arm in the middle of the night does, but it made for a quiet Mass. And then there was cake and a party.  

Heres a crazy picture of us and the lovely godparents.

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