Friday, February 3, 2012

Seven Quick Takes-Baby edition!


Max is 5 weeks old now! How'd that happen so fast??
Its amazing how you can survive with such small amounts of sleep isn't it? You'd think 5 weeks of bad sleeping would have a dramatic effect but other than looking like I get no sleep, having baby brain most of the time, and being exhausted by 9 pm I think I'm doing pretty well!


Its shocking how much I forget about newborns. But one of my favorite things about teeny babies is snuggling their tiny curled up bodies and feeling their little breaths against my skin. Their breath is so sweet and gentle. Its magical really.


I remember when I had my first baby and being completely blown away by how much work babies were. The sheer amount of time they consumed just in trying to keep them fed, clothed, and relatively happy seemed immeasurable. 

Now however, I'm pretty sure the newborn requires the least amount of work out of my 4 children.
Newborns do need you for sustenance, and of course changing of diapers, and sure they'll cry for a certain amount of time each day, but they also sleep a good chunk out of the day, don't move unless you move them, and haven't the capacity quite yet of asking you for questions every 4.3 seconds. All major pluses in my line of work right now.

Have I mentioned lately that my other three children while all under the age of 5 have an endless stream of questions and wants that I'm the number one go-to person for? They also have the ability to get into fights every 4.5 seconds and need food quite alot. Oh, and can't dress themselves, still require me for 100% of their food, and need me for most bathroom related issues. 

See. Newborns are easy.


So in the last couple of days its hit me that I've gone a good month or so with little or no silence. The good quality type silence that most people need to retain sanity. Just the hanging out by yourself, thinking, praying, reading, etc silence. 
Of course the baby really has no off-hours and can start crying at anytime, the other kids multiply their waking hour noise to the max, and the rest of the time is eaten up trying to maintain some form of communication with the husband. 

Getting up earlier isn't an option. Duh. I can't seem to find any time when all the babies are sleeping at the same time, and once the hubby is home from work there seems to be so much going on. So I just don't know where I'm going to find a little time. I just want to state that I recognize it as a problem, a problem that will eventually end in me having a fairly large breakdown complete with tears at some near point.


I like chocolate on a good day. I love chocolate on a bad day. But when I'm breastfeeding I swear its all I want to eat. I think I could go the whole day looking for chocolate and not be satisfied no matter how much I ate. Its weird. But it must make for some good tasting breastmilk!


Something that just makes me smile is looking at these baby pants. Actually any baby pants. Aren't they ridiculous? I love them for the ridiculous proportions. Don't grow out of these crazy pants baby!


I also love how everybody loves the baby. The other babes can't get enough of him. When I'm losing patience and telling them all to stop touching me while I'm trying to feed the baby (which happens all the time!) I occasionally get blown away by how sweet and loving they are to him. Usually a little face lights up and they give a sweet hug, kiss or touch. Thats magical too.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody. Thanks to Jen for hosting, and go visit Hallie this week!

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  1. Max is so stinkin' cute!
    Oh my gosh I can't imagine how busy you must be! I hope you can find some peace and quiet soon!!


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