Friday, October 14, 2011

Seven Quick Takes vol 9.

I'm a linkin' up with Jen at Conversion Diary yet again! Hurray!


My go-to meal when my husband's late or I just don't want to make anything that requires brain activity is omelettes. Its been that way for a couple years now. I just throw in whatever is left in the fridge and call it an omelette. I'm making one right now, I know, poor deprived husband.


Holy crap look who tried to be crafty again!?
This was my humble attempt at a cute yarn wreath. It was ridiculously easy, frankly that's the only kind of craft I do, and it took me about two weeks. Not because it takes crazy amounts of time but I could only work on it in my spare time, so that means not very often. Actually thats kinda a scary fact, thats all my spare time in two weeks?!? 
Maybe I should reevaluate the need for clean clothes and dishes.


I have yet to buy any maternity clothing yet for this pregnancy. I've yet to wear any specific maternity clothing at all this pregnancy. And not because I'm not round, but because I loathe maternity clothes on principle. I just can't take the lycra. Or the empire waists. Or the heinous patterns. Maybe its because maternity stores in Canada leave a lot to be desired and that I'm not willing to fork out a ton of money on the super cute maternity clothes. I'll most likely break down and buy some maternity jeans but hopefully I'll make it through buying longer tops, that I don't care too much about stretching out, and cardigans. Oh, and belly bands. I have bought some belly bands-which make your own pants wearable for so much longer they're a fantastic invention!


To prove my point check this out:

A top from Thyme maternity here in Canada. Terrible.

Top from Asos Maternity. Super fun!


Correct me if you think this is crazy but I also think the reason that there is such little selection in the affordable maternity department, especially here in Canada, is of course that fewer and fewer women are having babies. On top of the much fewer women having babies thing, the women who are having babies are much older than previous generations. I feel as if when I walk into maternity stores that the styles are just so far from styles I'm used to shopping because of the age gap thats happening. Theres a whole lot of theory behind this very important shopping complaint as you can see.


I've really been loving The Nester's series of 31 Days of Lovely Limitations. Its always encouraging to read about other people who do such creative things to make their homes beautiful. And beauty is much different than perfect! The Happiest Mom also had a great post about finding contentment in your home. I don't think I know a single person who's house is perfect to them, but its really amazing how much better you feel about your home when you do even a few little things to make it feel beautiful.


I could murder a pint right now! Well, any alcohol really. We're going to an Oilers game tomorrow night and it may be a little sadder without some watered down beer. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend-have a drink for me!

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  1. I am so with you on the maternity clothes thing! I loathe least most of them..I have a few cute tops I bought in the States. Every pair of pants I have bought or seen have been awful..but I am also unwilling to pay large sums of money for I am sure nice things are out there - for a fortune PLUS shipping to Canada (which they probably don't do anyway)........ I'm thinking for this pregnancy of making my own/altering too big clothes to make super cute maternity items! I'll let you know how that goes..haha..
    Your theory about women not having babies is probably true. In my entire city there is not on maternity store...NO where to buy any maternity things! What are people supposed to do? But there must not be that great a demand, since there was a high end one a few years ago that closed....


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