Monday, October 24, 2011

Last week of October...already?!

Its the last week of October?? How did this happen so quickly? 

That means its less than two months till Christmas, and most frighteningly less than 12 weeks till I have to give birth! I'm already starting to be increasingly anxious about that fact. 

Our mornings are now brisk and frosty. The grass is still sparkling, but the sunshine is shining in so today has to be a good day!

We had a very busy and productive weekend, my husband went to town on our seriously disorganized basement and now I feel so much better about it! Why is organization so hard to do but feel so good? Its almost like exercising, except the feeling good part.

My new yarn for baby blanket take 4 has arrived so I'm going to crochet up a storm while watching football tonight. My little Lou turns 2 on Halloween so we're going to get some party things done this week...hopefully. I'm sure my list of to-do is longer than that but much more boring!

And have I posted this picture before? Because I'm pregnant. Thats a huge possibility. But I love how fallish it feels. Nice wide farmhouse floors, great white ceramic dishes in the background, completely simple and beautiful. Everything I want to wake up to!

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