Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday 2 year old!

Happy Birthday to my little Luke today!

I can't believe he's 2!! How does this happen so fast??

I can believe it in some ways, it takes a LOT of work to get a baby to two years old! As usual parenthood makes the seasons and years fly by but are filled with long days and even longer nights. Luke's been a wonderful baby for the most part, he's been at times my best sleeper, the worst listener, the most mischievous and the most adept climber. 

He loves to talk. Loves tractors and cars. He eats anything called a "cookie". Loves to read. He's also just a fun person to be around, which has got to be a major plus in a two year old right? 

God Bless my little lou! 

P.S. I've got 2 two year olds for a month-wish me luck!

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