Monday, June 20, 2011

I spent the morning without blogs!

Monday already and my long weekend with the family flew by again! The kids had a great time at Fort Edmonton Park and rode trains and carousels to their little hearts content. We   spent the rest of the weekend visiting the grandparents and seeing more baby cousins which is always a good time. I even took my darling husband suit shopping which is an almost once in a lifetime experience but lots of fun!

Also; my internet hub died which is the only way of getting internet out here in the boonies so I'm quickly writing from my mom's house! I went a whole morning without blogs and news and accomplished almost triple my usual work around the house. Is that sad or what? But I felt horribly out of the loop and behind! 

And aren't these bathing beauties fabulous?? Everyone should spend their summer basking against surfboards! 

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