Friday, June 10, 2011

7 Quick Takes

I'm trying my hand at 7 Quick Takes this week! I will try to not disgrace one of my blog idols Jennifer Fulwiler and if its not a total disaster I may do it again! And welcome to my little blog of random thoughts and small pictures of life!


The kids have been loving blowing bubbles outside this week. They're thrilled just chasing them around, sometimes knocking into each other, sometimes falling completely off the deck. Its so cute how much fun they get out of something so simple!


I loved Fr. Barron's review of the new Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris. I love Fr. Barron in general but I especially think his way of using current events, media, art, and even Woody Allen movies to bring about a good theological discussion is so needed in today's society. I really think it can be a much more effective evangelization tool than so many of the doom and gloom Catholic writing out there. 


In not so breaking news I'm still hunting for vintage silk scarves. Now I think I'm just enjoying the search too much and won't pull the ebay trigger. 


Anyone ever feel like some days getting everyone clothed and fed is a major accomplishment? Because some days I've gotta admit I'm pretty pumped by that fact. And then I think about the idea of being excited by something so mundane and daily and then I laugh a little. But most of the time I think the feeling of small victory is completely warranted and deserved. 


My sister is in France this week and she's participating in the Pentecost pilgrimage from Paris to Chartres. She's walking 100km (close to 75 miles) in three days!! It sounds like a pretty amazing time. I can't see how penance-full walking through the beautiful French countryside could be but walking 100km in 3 days is pretty high up on my list of "things I would only due if penance was involved"!


I am in love with Kate Spade's new line of gorgeous tableware! These are my fav little mugs:


The hockey playoffs are almost over! Yay!! I can hardly wait to not have to watch hockey every single night! Seriously, these playoffs have been going on for months, at least since April, possibly since the beginning of time. My kids however, have now come to view "watching hockey" as a cool way to stay up past bedtime and sit with daddy. Its pretty cute so I don't discourage it too much, and so they might be disappointed when there new habit of staying up with daddy disappears. 

Thanks for reading-Happy Weekend!


  1. Christy- i'm secretly keeping my eye open for fabulous silk scarves for you!

  2. My sister Cath did that pilgrimage years ago - she loved it, but I'll never forget the tales of the blisters she got..haha...

  3. I have all those mugs and some great plates too! It makes me happy to eat off them, so happy that I am losing weight because I eat less because I am happier. crazy awesome.


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